Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It must be hard for him too.

We had the first real snow of the season a few days ago. Nothing major for us here, only about three inches or so, but for Dash-1 you would have thought it was a winter wonderland. Last year he wasn't as into the snow, he didn't want to get all dressed up to go out and play in it despite how excited hubby was. And for Dash-2 well he was just an itty bitty thing so no snow play for him either. Well this year Dash-1 saw the snow and actually started to undress in the hallway, right then and there. So of course I got the boys all bundled up and out we went. And of course the camera too! We had a blast. I mean it was a great time. There are moments when you can step back and watch your children experience something and you get to experience it through them. This was one of those times. Dash-1 was just running up and down our long driveway, rolling around in the yard, scooping up the snow and blowing it out of his hands. Enjoying being a kid. Dash-2 was crawling around trying to see from under his hood. I've never seen such a small kid move so fast in a snow suit! It was wonderful to watch the two of them. How lucky I was that I got to be there for it. And how unlucky for hubby to have missed it.

I am thinking about this because tonight as hubby rejoined our hemisphere and is back in the world of phones and Internet he was able to view the photos. One of the first things I said was "Oh did you see the pics? I got some great shots! The boys were adorable!". The longing in his voice said it all "It looks like you guys had fun". And then he sighed.

I tend to always think, no kiddies waking him up at night, no explosive poops to deal with, able to go to the bathroom without an audience, a little vacation from us doesn't sound so bad. But I need to remember that I'm the lucky one who gets hugs and kisses all day, to share in every first, to laugh with them (and at them!), to hold their hands and kiss their boo boos. I'd say the good far outweighs the bad. How lucky I am to have a sweet husband who does so much so that I can be here for our boys. I always think how hard it is for me but it must be really hard for him too.

*Update* adorable pic!
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  1. Good reminder. I tend to focus on hard it is for me and have to remind myself of all the things he's missing.


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