Monday, December 17, 2007

Whats on your walls?

Do accountants hang pictures of numbers and calculators on the walls?

I only ask this because flyboy is very excited that the lithograph prints of his airplane have come in and he's planning on where to hang it once we get it framed. To make it even more exciting for flyboy (as if a lithograph of an airplane ISN'T exciting enough, I mean really!) It's the plane he flew during his first deployment, one of the first airplanes to cross Iraqi airspace. So he would like to get some of his pics from that time framed with the print.

Any who I drift. As I look around the office I see pictures of airplanes, one of his favorite pictures is a framed on of the Enola Gay signed by the pilot, theres a pic of Mt. Suribachi with actual sand from Iwo Jima he was lucky enough to bring home during a trip; patches from various squadrons. The rest of our home is hardly a shrine to the Marine Corps but I do have to wonder how many people have empty .50 cal rounds or a picture of their husband on a really big gun in the desert on a bookshelf in their bedroom? Or one of the Iraqi most wanted posters that flyboy is upset I wont let him hang up in the kids play room because I think its a tad on the oh I dont know... spooky side.

I started thinking and to my relief we aren't the only ones like this. My father in law is a retired Marine and their house really is a shrine to the Marine Corps and his airplane. If it has an eagle globe and anchor on it they have it. My uncle is a retired Marine and his wife has decorated the house very beautifully in a low country style, but still the glass collection that they have is antique Naval Academy glass and the plates hanging artfully on the wall are Marine Corps plates. And his office is just a snapshot of his career, my aunt calls it his ME room. I suppose everyone needs one of those.

I certainly don't think this is just a Marine thing. My Army friends have similar issues. I asked a Coast Guard friend of mine if she had pictures of boats all over her house, she looked at me without any question as to why I would ask and said "Nope, ropes and knots. Oh well I guess we do have a few of his boat". The fact that she didn't look at me like my head was on backwards is what got me wondering about all this.

I know that other people don't really hang up what they do for a living. I think sometimes this is where the military and what you do starts to seep into your being. Its not just a nine to five job, its part of who flyboy is. He puts up a good front about being able to just walk away at some point, but I know its part of him. This is always going to follow us around. The pictures of airplanes will always be on the walls and perhaps when the kids are older the Iraqi most wanted will hang somewhere too.


  1. Heh. You should see our apartment. We have ships, anchors, ships' wheels, dolphins, lighthouses, sea captains, sailors, and a bunch of things with the Navy seal on them. And that's just in our living room. There's also the flag blanket with the pledge of allegiance written on it. I'd go on, but you're probably laughing already.

    The second you walk in the door here, you'd know what DH does and how we feel about him doing it.

  2. Im only laughing because I have the pledge of allegiance hanging over our couch!

  3. I can't speak for all accountants but I can say I do not have a calculator poster in my office. I did seriously contemplate purchasing a t-shirt or a poster of the TI-83 though. Then again, I am currently wearing a Star Wars T-shirt and a Casio Calculator watch right now...I think I am just a nerd. If they ever make thumb drive necklaces..I'm all over it! ha ha.

    In all honesty, I do think that Flyboys profession is a big part of him. It is a larger part of life that we don't get. I don't think it is the same but similar to folk who have their office/house over run with college memoriabilia.

    Do you think it heightens as one gets older?

  4. We don't have any Army art yet, but by the way my husband gazes adoringly at the WWII memorbilia at the PX, I dont' think it will be long!


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