Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Postal rant

Well its really not so much a rant about the post office, I love our local post office. It's a small town post office in every sense of the word. They know the boys and always have a bin of lollipops for Dash-1 to pick from, they are always so cheerful and polite. My problem is with the other people.

I went in to mail my last minute Christmas packages as well as a few packages for SA Baking Angels (for those of you who are not familiar with Soldiers Angel's its a great way to reach out and let deployed or injured military folks know that people at home care.) Anyways, I was piled high with boxes, and let me tell you home baked goodies are not light. I have a bit of a system, carry Dash-2 and anything going to be mailed and then Dash-1 carries anything that is light enough and NON BREAKABLE (this is the most important qualifier for him).

Well we were both piled up. I was trying to get the door and would you know that two people TWO PEOPLE went thru the door pushing me out of the way! And then they couldn't even be bothered hold it so I could then get in. I tried to do the whole shove my foot and then my rear in to hold the door. And I'll have you know I did say excuse me several times and even Dash-1 was saying "cuse mommy, cuse mommy". I don't know if they really didn't hear me, see me or if they just didn't care.

I've noticed that a lot lately. It seems like people don't go out of their way (or even when its on the way!) to help out others. I've even had someone tell me once that it would be easier if I came to the post office without my kids. YA THINK!?! Alas, my kids are my posse and go where I go. But really is it that hard to see someone struggling with the door and help them out?

Since having kids and dealing with obtrusive strollers and fussy kids, I've come to sympathize more with people who just don't have enough hands and need a little help. Wouldn't it be great if everyone tried to help out, in just a small way, at least one person a day?


  1. I feel your pain. Keenan goes where I go also and sometimes it takes me a lot longer to get my errands done, but he's generally very helpful and not too rambunctious.

    I can't believe two people passed you up and wouldn't help you through the door! As a mom, I try to help people if they are obviously struggling and need a hand. I think it comes with the momma territory.

  2. That is crazy! People are generally rude and then folk wonder when you make a bitter comment about it later. I think the Post attracts hateful people. It is their home base.

  3. People are very rude, especially around the holidays (the season of giving? yeah, right). I had a similar experiance at our post office and you think the soldiers going in and out of there would help a woman out, but nope! They just shoved me and the kid out of the way.

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