Friday, December 14, 2007

home again

Flyboy was putting Dash-1 to bed tonight and told him that he would be here in the morning when he wakes up. Dash-1 looked up at him and said "You don't need to wait until morning, I'm just going to take a nap."

My faith in Marine Aviation is even higher tonight as I sit next to a sleeping flyboy. He made it home last night, after the boys were asleep, which allowed us to have a nice quiet (albeit late) dinner together. Its always kind of strange to have him back. He really hasn't been home much, a couple days here or there, never long enough to get fully into a routine. Its always as if he's just visiting. I think thats what prompted Dash-1's comment and the reason it took him a full hour to get in bed and he would only close his eyes while flyboy sat with him. Poor kid thinks that dad is going away when he falls asleep. (This isn't really a theory as Dash-1 said "don't fly daddy" when flyboy told him to get in bed for the 15th time)

Poor flyboy sometimes feels like he's making the boys pay for his choices. My heart breaks for him sometimes. I can tell he's torn. Torn by a job that he believes in and a feeling that he is missing out on too much. Military families may serve in a different way, but they very much serve.


  1. You are absolutely right about the 'family' serving. And I would like to tell you and your family 'thank you' because your husband's duty is y'all's duty, also. Yes, it is tough on your kids, but it also builds respect and appreciation for sacrifice. As a Navy brat of a Navy brat, I know of whence you speak.

  2. This is something that my husband worries about, too, if we ever have kids. Hubby was an Army brat himself, and his dad was gone a lot when he was young--I think through age 7. At this point, he really doesn't remember much about those times, and certainly doesn't hold any anger or resentment over it. It's just how things were. I think we all just have to do the best we can with the time we get to spend together.


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