Monday, December 10, 2007

How many uniforms does one Marine need?!

After I put the kidlets down for a rare (but much needed) simultaneous naps. I went into the playroom/junk room to search for some missing xmas presents. I've done such a good job hiding them that I cant find them. Anywhere.

I went digging and digging and it seemed that the more I dug around, the more uniforms I came upon. Flyboy has a wardrobe that houses a great deal of his uniform stuff that needs to hang nice and neat, his alphas, blues, khaki short sleeve shirts, khaki long sleeve, ties, overcoat... I know there is more in there that I didn't even look at. Then you get to the trunks, desert cammies, woodland cammies, poncho, cammie boats, boonie covers, regular covers, not to mention he still has some old style cammies laying around in a trunk that he hasn't figured out what to do with. So I come upon another trunk, thinking maybe Flyboy put the xmas presents in there (I found some in a trunk so it was a hopeful guess) MORE UNIFORMS. Flight suits. Desert tan and the regular green ones and another set of boots to wear with flight suits. And this is just the overflow room. All his pt gear, green shirts, boot socks, everyday flight suits and some other things are in our bedroom.

Of course we have new cammies to add to the pile. Flyboy has kicked his running and working out into high gear on his past few trips and has gotten into even better shape so now his cammies are all too big. So as we speak the smaller cammies are at the base getting name tapes sewn on. (I would be sewing them on myself but I know my limitations.) I told Flyboy that he cant lose anymore weight, we simply cant store anymore uniforms. He replied that hes looking into getting a set of Mess Dress. Pretty soon his uniforms are going to need their own big room in our house, a corner will no longer cut it. And lets not get started on their uniform "accessories".

The funny thing is that with all these uniforms he wears a simple flightsuit 99% of the time.


  1. HA! Then they complain about our stuff. Mr. Bitter has more clothes than I have ever owned in my entire life...yet I have a shoe problem?? I have not purchased a good pair of shoes in ages, even though I feel I really deserve a great pair. :)

  2. And this wasnt including his extensive wardrobe that he often reminds me he needs because he's always in a different place, a different climate, etc. so he MUST have options. men... their adorable!

  3. Tell me about it! We have tons of uniforms, some of which we had made in Bahrain (the tailors there are fabulous!)... yet YodaMan wears khakis almost exclusively. So when the ship's laundry lost every set he'd put in (all but the one he was wearing), he was drowning in uniforms he couldn't wear. Aieee!

  4. We had to buy all new Charlie's before going to Korea and that was only a year or so after buying the mess dress. Ouch! And they all had to be mail-ordered b/c Stretch can't buy off the rack. And don't forget all the "accessories." I swear it takes him way longer to get ready for a ball than it does me. Yet, he still thinks he's traveling light.

  5. LOL...The Navy is changing uniforms sometime next year (probably) and then we'll have an entire closet basically just for the old uniforms. There's no point to donating them to the NEX or anything because nobody's going to need them! Ugh!

    And don't get me started on the ribbons, ribbon racks, and medals that are stashed everywhere! heeheee!

  6. MW- wow you have to special order uniforms. I really feel for you guys. Its hard enough to track down cammies in regular sizes. And it does take them longer to get ready for the ball doesnt it!

    ann m.- ribbons oh the ribbons. Flyboy has a big tackle box full of them. Get ready for extra uniforms when the Navy makes the switch. Then you too can have a whole room filled with them! :)

  7. Tackle box! Brilliant. Adding that to the shopping list for tomorrow....


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