Saturday, December 29, 2007

I've been thinking...

This summer while Flyboy was out of the country, unreachable, except email on the best days, there was a death in the family. While talking to my FIL to see how he was holding up (it was his older sister) we had a very interesting conversation. My FIL's sister did die before her time, although I suppose in a way we all will, she was in her late sixties and had led a full life. I couldn't help but think about all the young men and women in uniform that have died much younger, far far before their time. Just before flyboy had left on his excursion a young Marine he knew had been killed in Iraq, barely on earth for 2 full decades. A young soul.

My FIL is a gristly retired Marine gunny so I brought this point up to him. I told him that I had noticed since marrying into the military my frame of mind and thinking have changed a bit. I have noticed that I see the world a little different. I don't think I'm some hardened soul or anything like that. But rather I have learned to appreciate and cherish what I have. I have learned to put life into perspective.

When my civilian friends are sitting around complaining over and over again about their husbands and how they don't do this or that at home I think to myself, at least your husband is home. It could be worse, your husband could be away flying around somewhere not sure when he'll be home, of course then I think, it could be worse he could be in Iraq, and then it could really be worse and he could not be coming home. I'm hardly a perfect person, I get angry and mad and frustrated but try to catch myself and remind myself what life could be like. I have tried offering that tidbit up to my mommy friends but it didn't go over so well so I just tune out the husband bashing and keep my well intentioned comments to myself.

The military has helped me to appreciate the daily things I might have other wise taken for granted. Fall is spectacular up here. We have a large maple tree out front that turned the most amazing shade of orange. Everyday I would stare up at the tree, my gaze could get lost in that tree for as long as the kids would let it. Almost every time I looked at that tree I thought how lucky I was that I was here to stare get to take in its beauty and how I betcha there were people elsewhere in the world serving who would kill to get a view like mine. I never complained about leaves all over the yard come November.

I find myself making the best of the time that we are together as a family. If I have learned nothing else in this marriage its to expect the unexpected from the Marine Corps. Who knows if flyboy will be here for next Christmas or our next anniversary. We should make the most of the time we spend together and the moments we celebrate.

Life presents learning opportunities in various ways. I'm just realizing that a big life lesson for me has come via USMC.

I am also realizing that you have to be open to life to learn from it.


  1. Ahh, you have learned the secret to a successful military marriage...or for any marriage, as far as that goes. Take time to appreciate life.

  2. so true.

    Moving to this Army post has been eye opening to me. It's hard to complain about an 8 month deployment when my neighbors husbands will be gone for 15 months.

  3. Guess I can't complain about the master bathroom not being up to par anymore?!?

    I think frustrations, in general, are all different for different people. Civilians included. Bitter Brandon may not be shooting down the enemy and he is home every day but I still like him to shoot down the germs on the toilet because he IS home and he can. Just a thought.

    Civilian complaints aren't scum. I promise.

  4. Just wnted to say thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I havent had a chance to read all of yours, but I did look around... I'll be back if thats ok with you!

    I enjoy reading about military life. DH and I were both in the Marine Corps. Me for 8 yrs, him for 10. I miss so much of it, but at the same time, especailly after having kids, I a glad to be out!

    God Bless and Ohh-Rah!


  5. My dear bitter betty, please please I hope you didnt think my comments were directed at anything you have ever said to me! I was talking about the husband bashing that my mommy friends up here from time to time partake in that I just find tiresome after a while. And I certainly agree, frustrations know no bounds... military or civilian.

  6. very well written, God Bless and Happy New Year.



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