Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Say again?

"Mommy you have a ginormous, extra big, butt"

This was what Dash-1 can in to tell me this morning as I was getting him some breakfast. I thought I heard him correctly but I had to turn around, kneel down to his level and ask him if he could say again please.

"Mommy you have a ginormous, extra big, butt"

And to make it even better, this time he affectionately slapped my rear. I just stared at him. I wanted to laugh but I knew I probably shouldn't encourage this. I knelt down again and asked where he heard this. "Oh around" As if the kids in the sandbox are ALL talking about my butt, which to my defense I don't think is GINORMOUS. But I guess maybe from his angle, I dunno. I explained that we don't say things like that, especially not to mommy. After all she makes your breakfast and picks out your clothes. And can talk to daddy about buying you a car later in life. But keep the butt comments coming and its the bus for you kiddo.

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