Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Craft attack

I was going to head off to bed but due to the incompetence of the dish network, I still have yet to receive my replacement cable box for my bedroom so I'm still hanging out down stairs. I hate going upstairs before I'm absolutely ready to fall asleep. If not I hear every sound in this big old farmhouse. So instead I'm sitting down stairs looking at the tree trying to figure out where to go from here decorations wise. We moved into this house exactly a year and three days ago and were so busy moving and welcoming a new baby that we decorated but didn't really go all out for the holidays. This year I really want to do the house up nice. This place is a perfect holiday house. But I don't know where to start. We have our tree up. And it looks lovely. Its tied to the wall after a nasty tumble last year broke more ornaments then I care to think about right now.

I love to craft and be creative, but I'm very timid about it. I hate to think about doing something and then it ending up messy or crappy looking. Not a great trait in a crafter. I have angst when I set out to do something. It drives hubby crazy. He keeps saying "toss up some garland call it a day". ACK! What if its not full enough or sheds or looks very clearly fake? Use real stuff is his answer. Well that brings a whole new set of problems. I've never touched real garland. Is it going to mess up our 150 something year old original banister? Is it going to dry out? Will I spend the money on it only to put it all up and not like the way it looks? Seriously, I don't think your supposed to have panic attacks over Christmas decorations.

I wanted to clear off the mantels and put up sprigs and candles, but where to put the pictures (everything in the house has to be high up or littles ones touch things!) and I cant seem to find unscented plain pillar candles. I have visions of poinsettias going down the stairs and around the bottom of the banister. But have you priced a poinsettias lately... what's all this is going to cost? I am so cheap its not even funny.

Blah. I have such grand plans in my head. I think I'm going to start a poinsettia garden to cut down on cost for next year.


  1. I can feel your pain! I love decorating for Christmas and making cute stuff, but what if it doesn't turn out right and my house looks like one of the huge Christmas decorating mistakes that surface on the internet this time of year? And don't even get me started on Dish Network...(if you can switch to Direct TV and you'll be worlds happier!)

  2. I have decorating anxiety, too. But not at Christmas! Except this year. It seems that a box or two of our christmas things are missing.

    Your house sounds lovely!


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