Thursday, December 6, 2007

yet again

Hubby was supposed to be home tonight. We were going to keep the boys up a little late so we could have cake and open presents. As always, change in plans. Whenever something seems like its rolling along the Marine Corps (substitute Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, or just life in general here) swoops in to disrupt everything. He's not going to be home today or tomorrow. Maybe Saturday. I know this doesn't seem like much, and in the grand scheme of life its not. Its just has me bummed. I know Dash-2 wont remember or realize that daddy's not around. It just gets frustrating when so much of your life is in the hands of the Marine Corps (again substitute appropriate service branch here). Make do with what you have. And that we did. Sam had a little cupcake, the bigger airplane cake will be when hubby gets home, he smashed it all over and went to town.

The reinforcements, aka my parents, are coming up this weekend. YAH! They wanted to see the boys and give hubby and I some time alone together. Well at least I'll get time alone. And hopefully hubby will be home in time to maybe get some dinner and finish up some Christmas shopping.


  1. It's so hard. Stretch wasn't home for Big Sis's birthday until she turned 3. He was in Egypt on year and out on a CAX the next year.

    Congrats on getting some you time and maybe some couple time, too!

  2. Bummer about missing the birthday party. I think it's always worse when they're supposed to be home, but then aren't able to be there at the last minute. Like, if you know he's going to be gone you can plan for it...

    Happy Birthday little guy!


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