Sunday, December 2, 2007

The boys

I figure introductions are in order since the crux of my life are my two little ones. And will no doubt have starring roles in many post! I am my kids mom, both boys, both handfuls, both adorable in every way. Dash-1 is almost three, he is of course the ring leader of the zoo that is our household. He is constantly running at full speed and it looks like Dash-2 is hot on his heels. Dash-2 will be one later this week. That will be a whole separate post on where the time has gone I'm sure.

If you are wondering where the dash thing came from when I was pregnant with Dash-1 hubby was deployed on a beach getaway (sans the ocean of course!) and apparently started referring to the then child-to-be as dash with his coworkers. So it stuck and was used on Dash-2 and is used now when we talk about a possible Dash-3. We have even joked about actually naming a child Dash but the mother in me tells me that our children shouldn't be the butt of our jokes! Right now though Dash-1 and 2 are keeping me on my toes enough for the time being.


  1. I sometime refer to our girls as Dash 1 and Dash 2, also. I think we started it b/c that's sort of how they are in the DEERS system.

    Welcome to the blogosphere! There are some great milspouse bloggers out there and it's nice to see another Marine spouse!

  2. Shoot, MW beat me to welcoming you. I hope you enjoy the blogosphere as much as I have. It has been a great place to meet some wonderful people and to find that I am not alone in this crazy military life.


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