Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What in the world...

Ah. The kids are down for naps, well I hear Dash-1 talking to his airplanes upstairs but its good enough for me, so I got online to take care of some bills and check up on the news. What do I see on Fox News but this.

Before launching into my tirade I should mention that these are being sold in the JUNIORS department. Really?!?! Am I just to old and fuddy duddy to find these amusing? The justification for printing these up was that they were a holiday line of panties, they apparently say "When you have Santa" across the arse. I have to say that doesn't much change my stance on them. I am the furthest thing from a liberal feminist but I am shocked that anyone, that any company, thought that these would be something that should be sold to kids and teenagers. What a thing to tell young girls. Maybe they should only be sold in size zero so we can make them more body conscious too?

Thankfully more parents out there saw these and flipped out so Wal-Mart is now pulling them from the shelves. So maybe the world hasn't totally lost its common sense.


  1. I'm with you. Someone forgot to put on their thinking cap one day at work.

  2. Lovely. And Stretch flipped when he saw a female Marine with "Marine" on the rear of her work out gear.

  3. samesies.

    Seems you have quite the little following going on with the blog :)


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