Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Way to go guys.

I know that there is probably some very complicated formula used to come up with the newly adjusted BAH rates. Well heres what I have to say to it. BLLAHHH yes thats very mature of me but really. Our rates went down, almost 10%. And while the market is supposedly "correcting" itself ummmm yeah, not up here, not that much. This is one of those frustrating times when you look around you and wonder how they come to these numbers. Unless of course your rates go up, then smile, smile big!

Check out the link if you haven't checked on your own rates.


  1. Well, ours is going up, thank goodness, but only a little. It's SO expensive here, and we pay $700 over our BAH to cover our house (and it was the least expensive house we could find, 40 minutes away from base with no traffic) and utilities. I swear, this is how they calculate BAH:

    (One month's rent of studio apartment in rat-infested, cockroach-infested part of town, where town is defined as any area within four hours' drive to the base) + (Cost of one gallon of water) + (Cost of one hour of running an energy-efficient dorm-room-sized refrigerator) - ($100 for daring to live on the economy) - ($100 for not even putting your name on the waiting list that is currently 4 years long for base housing) - ($100 just because we can) - ($2 because arbitrary deductions delight us) [ - $300 if you have no dependents]

    Though sometimes it's more like this:

    Pick a number from 1 to 43.
    Multiply by 100.
    Subtract 300.
    Divide by 2.
    If it's Tuesday, take the square root.
    If it's not Tuesday, divide by 2 again instead.
    Take the absolute value just in case you've gone negative.
    If it's more than half the rent for a non-squicky apartment, divide by 2 again.
    Round down to the nearest dollar.

    It's brilliant, really, like financial poetry a la Edgar Allen Poe. They must brainstorm for hours to come up with these numbers.

  2. Ha thats a brillant formula! You should contact the DOD they might want to integrate yours into theirs!

  3. Ours is going up, too, but not enough that it is going to do anything. I think they use the same type of formulas to calculate BAS, too.

    I hate that they can just arbitrarily decide these things knowing that it doesn't affect THEM at all.

  4. I'm assuming this is some type of military lingo I am unfamiliar with. You'll have to fill me in later :)

  5. After you calculate your BAH at that website, click on the FAQs link. It talks about rate protection which says you can never have a reduction in BAH as long as you remain eligible, you don't PCS, you aren't demoted, and your dependant status remains the same. It goes on to say that as long as all of these factors remain the same from one year to the next, your BAH will be based on whichever year is higher. At least that's the way I'm understanding it.

  6. (army)wife- you are indeed correct. You do get grandfathered in to your current BAH rate, which is very much a relief. But flyboy was saying that if he were to get promoted next year (The Marine Gods Willing) our rate would be what the new rate is for new rank and that would be down from what we are currently at. All in all its not the end of the world just strange.

  7. allright posted my last comment too soon. I read the FAQ and there is still rate protection for promotions! not that he even knows if he'll be in the zone but one less thing for me to worry over... shucks. now i have to find something else to obsess over. :)


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