Wednesday, December 5, 2007

That's a bannana dear

I rarely buy produce at the commissary. As Marine Wife pointed in one of her post, its usually slim pickins. At our commissary I would go so far as to say icky but thats not the main point of the post. So we were picking up some produce at Super Walmart, who would have thunk it that super walmart would have some great produce, and I placed the bananas in the back of the cart where Dash-1 was sitting. As we are shopping around the store (wondering... shopping... all the same) I hear Dash-1 talking to someone. This isn't that strange, the kid has not met a situation that silences him! But I kept thinking that I heard him say daddy. I look around Dash-2 to see Dash-1 talking into a banana, pretending its a telephone. He was asking daddy for a puppy to take care of.

Sidenote, we are NOT getting a puppy.

I told him that daddy couldn't hear him on a banana but he strongly disagreed. He went on to give daddy a running commentary of our trip around walmart, via the banana.

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  1. Our oldest has been begging, even via email to daddy, for a dog. And no, we're not getting one either!


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