Thursday, December 20, 2007

Leave request

Flyboy put in his leave request today for a little family trip down to the south for a family get together of sorts. I am thrilled that we get to travel together, we always have fun on car trips and that I actually get to have a spouse at one of these things. I'm usually the only one there without a husband, in fact I think most of my family thinks that flyboy might be a figment of my imagination. Flyboy is always notably missing from family trips and I am damn near giddy that we might have a family fun trip in just four weeks!!!

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  1. Whoohoo!

    I know the feeling--the longer Greg's gone on his sub trips, the more I call him my imaginary husband. We travel almost everywhere by car, too, and I think it's just as much that we love the company as anything else!


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