Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What not to do at the grocery store

I witnessed something disturbing at the commissary today. And thankfully my children were not involved. It's always nice when something odd occurs and your children don't have something to do with it.

Nice and rare.

I was carefully selecting a bag of spinach, important to take notice of the expiration date and the fresh appearance of the individual leaves. This takes some careful selection folks.

I look up to see someone sticking their hand in the bulk candy bin of chocolate covered peanuts.


They scooped up a big handful and then went on their way munching on the candy nuts. I'm pretty sure I was standing there with my chin around my feet. Seriously? You stuck your bare hand in an open container of food?

AND you didn't put them in a bag so you could pay for them? Really, I know the commissary gives out little snacks sometimes and little cups of free coffee, but here's a hint, when there is a price sticker on it... YOU HAVE TO PAY.

AND the real kicker. This wasn't a kid.

It was an adult.

In uniform.

Oh yeah and he was a full bird colonel.

Yup, lets just sit with that for a minute. *insert elevator music here*

You make it all the way up the ranks, yet you are cluelessly unaware that you don't stick your hand in the bulk food and that that is not there as a "snack item" but needs to be paid for?

Shoot, the Army must be relaxing their standards. Or this guy is just an a-hole. Either or.

I'm leaning towards the later.

And I don't think I'll be buying candy or anything out of a bulk bin for a while.


  1. Shut up. Shut up!!!!! Oh my goodness. That is totally inappropriate for a 4 year old to do, let alone a grown man who is clearly in a pretty esteemed position of authority. And um, I think a full bird can probably afford some candy, but maybe that is just me.

    So. So. So. Wrong.

    Man I thought I had a good story when I saw a little boy licking the bags of frozen chicken in the commissary today. But nope, you win!

  2. Ick... or EVER! He could come back weekly for a little nutty snack-fixin. That's just fowl. I'd hate to knwo wht else he does with those bare grubby hands.

    ... did I really just type that?! Ah well, we were all thinking it.

    *I think I just threw up a lil' in my mouth.*

    PS: d.a.r you have GOT to be kidding me with the "licking the bags of frozen chicken" thing. Get the kid some agua, for pete's sake! But... it would've been even BETTER if his tongue got stuck. ha ha!

  3. Blech!

    Perhaps I'm feeling extra cynical today, but the full bird part doesn't even surprise me. At one time I thought reaching a certain age and certain rank might confer upon a person (and the spouse) some good manners and common sense, but that is not always the case, sadly.

    I vote a-hole.

  4. I hate to say this, but I see this every time I go to the commissary. It's usually the bins of candy, but last time I saw someone "taste" a grape and put it back in the bag on the shelf, apparently not up to their standards. It's tough trying to explain to your kids why it's not okay for them to do that while they are witnessing it happen, luckily last time my son pointed it out to me within earshot of the candy eater and I replied, loudly - lol, "maybe she never had anyone to teach her manners, sweetie" :) She shagged butt outta there and never even made eye contact!

  5. ew ew ew... Dang it. I'm never going to a Mr. Bulky's again.

  6. GROSS! I'm sure if I stuck around the commissary a bit longer today I could have had some good stories but I pulled in and walked in realizing it was the "Grand Opening" and seriously everyone and their mother was there- so I grabbed just a couple things and booked it to the express lane to check out!

  7. Okay, when you first described the hand in the bin I got grossed out, but then you said it was a grown, high ranking officer, I wanted to vomit! Those guys disgust me...

    Ugh, I knew I hated those bulk bins for a reason!

  8. Got your comment on my Country Soul post. We are in the NJ/NY area but drive up to NY state quite a lot! Also, did you read my 100th post winner??!!

  9. those candy bins have always creeped me out. I am also laughing that you wrote "a-hole"
    Maybe said Col. should get a "counseling letter". :)

    also cracking up that d.a.r. wrote about the frozen chicken licking boy.

  10. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Thats gross. I'll never buy anything out of them again (not like i did before). I was at stop and shop the other day and this grown lady was eating cherrys right out of the bag and "hiding" the seed on the shelf. To make things worse she didnt even buy any cherrys if you want them that bad buy them. Whats even grosser is eating produce without washing it.

  11. Uh...I have been taught that doing things like that is considered THEFT. You should have reported him. Seriously. Because even if the "evidence" was gone - he'd STILL have chocolate-covered peanut breath. Theft is theft no matter if you're a Full-Bird or a 'skeeter wing.

    I witnessed one to many moms feeding grapes to her kid in the grocery store. She put the bag in the seat along with him, and just let him go at the grapes. A: EEWWWW....UNCLEAN! And B: THIEF! when that bag gets on the scale, it's considerably lighter than when it started, and you pay less...and in the end, WE pay more. So I reported her, and the security guard brought her to the customer service area and read her the riot act. She was quite upset, as you can bet. But I sure was happy to see someone get her due. It's different if you open a box of crackers to keep a little kid happy for a few minutes. But when it's something that is sold by weight, well, that's different.

  12. Oh my goodness!! That's a jaw dropper for sure.

  13. Oh.my.goodness!!! You have GOT to be kidding me!!! He's a tool. Yep...a tool. He was probably hungry and didn't wanna pay for them so he just reached his big ol' nasty bare hand in there! EWWWW!

    You should have totally called him out on it!

  14. OMG!!! OK, that is by far one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard! I live in PA we have Giant grocery stores out here and they have bins like that...I will definitly be thinking twice about getting anything from those! EEEWWWWW!!!! YUUCCKKK!!!!

  15. I wonder if he got this way because he is a freaking full bird colonel. Kind of like my old boss, who couldn't even photocopy something herself because she was the vice president of the company and that was for other people to worry about. So...being sanitary and paying for stuff=something for other people to worry about.


  16. I was literally reading this then I gasped and said Oh My God and promptly covered my mouth...but only when I got to the full bird part. Then of course my hubby had to read it, because you can't let an outburst like that go without seeing it yourself. Wow. Eww.

  17. Ugh. Let me get you a bag, uh, SIR.

    I'm with Bette. I vote a-hole, too.

  18. Seriously! What in the world was this man thinking? Has the Col ever heard that it is stealing?

  19. yuk, nasty ick, jackass, a**hole. There, did that cover all I wanted to say (reading..) yup.

    As for eating any fruit, especially grapes, without washing. some of the produce is from Chile (the grapes are definitely from there, at least at my commissary) they are permitted to use pesticides and insecticides and other chemicals that we have banned (for damned good reason). U.S. companies manufacture and sell it to Chile, they spray it and then send it all back to us. The produce manager at a store told me flat out he washes like crazy after handling that stuff and wouldn't feed it to his kids even after washing.

  20. Gross. I always see this and I am now always creeped out to buy bulk!
    People have no manners!

  21. No way!! What a jerk. People like that make us all look bad :P I'm with d.a.r.- you mean to tell me his full bird paycheck can't cover a bulk foods purchase?! Puh-leeze!


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