Monday, June 29, 2009

A mish mosh post

It's that time again! A mish mosh post. I know all of you are on the edge of your seats.

* First, I finally caved and made me some black bottom cupcakes. May I just say. Wicked. Awesome.

Flyboy scoffed at me, he took one look at them and said, "this is what you were harping about?". Yes. Yes it was. And I have also noticed one or two missing that I did not consume so my dear, what do you have to say now?

Here are my thoughts on them if anyone out there cares. Personally, they are better cold. So let them cool down and pop em in the fridge before eating them. Your taste buds will thank me. They will also sing. With delight.

I also think that they are better bite sized. They are probably more dangerous that way since you could easily eat a doze that way, but really, they are a great mini cupcake.

Everyone make them this week. If it weren't so darn warm out I'd make some and send them to all you out there in bloggy land. Everyone should know the deliciousness that is a black bottom cupcake.

* Second, I truly am losing my mind. I went on way to long about black bottom cupcakes.

* Third, I am off to my 32 wk apt tomorrow (a week early since the boys and I are heading out of town to the 'rents next week) and I'm dreading getting on the scale. I just hate seeing the numbers going up. Ironic since I went on and on about a cupcake right?

I went so far to weight myself wearing a few different outfits so I can pick the one that weights the least.

And I should say, I'm on track with my weight gain, its just the whole losing my mind thing.

* Fourth, flyboy was being a wonderful daddy tonight and playing with the boys outside. They were racing up and down our long driveway. It was so cute, until flyboy just took off and left the boys in his dust.

Dash-1 was very upset that he didn't win, flyboy told him next time to run faster. Clearly we don't believe in falsely inflating our kids egos.

We also let our kids play with toy guns, sticks, and today we tossed around some water grenades. Oh shoot I see the parents of the year committe pulling up as I type!

* Five... I can't remember what five was going to be. All I know is a cupcake is calling my name.


  1. I have to ask, what is a black bottom cupcake? I will have to look up a recipe.

    Yeah, and about men and packing? Husband played games most of yesterday and all of today. I carried the weight of this move. I'm only a little bitter. I expected it though. Before both deployments he had to put everything in storage. When did he get a storage center? 3 days before. When did he start PACKING 36 hours before having to report to post. When did he load things up in storage? all the way until the very last moment. Let's not even get me started on the f*ed up mess he calls packing.

  2. Black bottom cupcakes sound great!

    The problem with (a) living alone, albeit temporarily, and (b) telecommuting is that if I make a batch of cupcakes, guess who eats them all? Yes.

  3. I hate you. You just knew I was going to the commissary tomorrow, didn't you??? Enabler :)

  4. This post made me laugh sooo hard!

    And your husband sounds like he would fit in well with my family. My grandfather made my cousin cry because he refused to let her beat him at Uno. He even told her she had to earn her win, she was 7...

    Have fun at your appointment, just remember you are getting so close to the finish line!!!

  5. I hear ya on the weight 33 week appointment (or thereabouts) is on Wednesday and I have no desire to see my weight. I was actually excited last time that it went down about 5 pounds, but that was because of that whole stomach bug thing I had.

    But I made peanut butter cookies tonight and ate them not much different than you here!

  6. I already have quite the "black" bottom. I think these cupcakes might make it worse. Ha!

    And yeah for your husband for not always letting the kids win. I have kids who come to Kinder and have no idea that it is even possible to lose. Tantrums ensue.

    Was that too long? :)

  7. I tried to keep the toy guns away for as long as I could...then I decided "who cares? they are boys!". That is a sanity battle worth losing! I even called my mom and she laughed at me and told me even I played with them when I was little, so I decided "whatever"! And what is it these days about kids "winning" at everything? Bravo to your husband for teaching his kids a little about humility and working harder for something you want :)

  8. God even Mike lets the girls win sometimes LOL. I'm glad you finally got your cupcakes they sound gross to me but whatever. I was the opposit with my weight when i was pregnant i had to gain gain gain. I wish you werent going away i'm gunna be in the area next weekend :( and then the week of the 20th :(

  9. We let Baby Girl play with nerf guns. She's not even two! Haha.

  10. What are these amazing sounding cupcakes? You have me wanting one!

  11. Don't feel bad about the cupcake.Cupcakes are always worth it!

  12. My mom makes mini black bottom cupcakes. They freakin' rock. She briefly had a business where she sold cookies, and those were on the menu, just to give you an idea of how GOOD they are. I should talk her into making some for our party this weekend...

    When you see your weight at the appt, just chant "healthy baby healthy baby healthy baby". :)

  13. I do believe you've twisted my arm and I'm going to have to make them. I'll have to find a recipe.

    I always hated the weighing in part too. That is hilarious that you try on differnt outfits!! Now that I never did :)

  14. What are Black Bottom Cupcakes? They sound so good!

  15. Good for you on the cupcake front!

  16. Ha ha ha- you are too hilarious. And I'm glad you don't blow up those kids heads of yours (so not how I meant it to sound) by letting them win all the time. I think last place was renamed my-place growing up, and I turned out alright! ha ha

    PS: Did you finally get Seamus taken off the name list, yet?

  17. well since you asked nicely, i guess i will head to the store and get some ingredients for those yummy cupcakes!

    but only since you asked nicely :)


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