Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear fat cow

Dear enormously fat pregnant cow,

Please help a mama out.

Find the rooster. Sit on him.

Preferably before tomorrow morning.

Yours truly,
the other fat pregnant cow


  1. Uh oh. Sounds like the walking, crowing alarm clock is doomed.

  2. That thing is LOUD. No wonder :)

    ps. I'm sure you are looking beautiful momma :)

  3. Does fat cow have any associates that can take care of the 4am bird that sits in the tree outisde my window? I'd be willing to pay top dollar.

  4. ha ha ha - you sure make pregnancy look appealing.


    Just kidding. You make me laugh!

  5. honey you seriously crack me up!

    happy weekend :)

  6. Lol..thanks... I don't think I laugh enough!

  7. I HATE roosters with a passion. My parents lived next to a guy that owned a rooster and it would start crowing before the sun came up and continue until after the sun went down. It drove me nuts! Then one day we were over at the neighbors house and the rooster attacked me. It head-butted me - as in it took a running start and it's head knocked me in the butt. Stupid roosters!

  8. Hehe... you read my latest post?

    Get an air-soft gun. it works wonders!

  9. Ohhhh!!! I feel your pain on this one! I was out in the sticks this weekend and a rooster woke us up at the crack of dawn each morning. I really hope that cow finds the rooster for you!!!


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