Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm no NY strip

The other day the sun was shinning, the breeze was blowing the grass lightly, the sky was brilliant blue. I mean, really, it was a postcard type of scene.

And it got me thinking, the cows were just meandering around eating grass. Some were laying around and just, I don't know, relaxing the way cows relax. No one had a book or a drink with an umbrella but still it looked like a pretty sweet existence.

No bills to pay, no budgets to figure out, no matchbox airplanes left laying out in the hallway at 2 am to be stepped on with bare feet on the way to the bathroom, no alpha mom's ass to kiss ... basically.... no expectations.

Nothing, nada.

Just wondering around the field left to be. I realized perhaps there was something to be said for the life those cows were leading.

And then.... I drove past the farm's sign and remembered that those were beef cows.

I might have bills to pay, my kids might drive me crazy, I step on upside down toy airplanes like there is no tomorrow, and there is an alpha mom out there who is my nemesis.


I'm no ones dinner.


  1. Man, that really puts things in perspective ;)

  2. ha ha..alpha mom! GAH!
    Which one? I need to hear this :)
    I'm so out of the loop!

  3. A ha ha ha. I like to watch our cows while I'm at home too..and then I'm glad as well that I don't have to live outside OR worry about getting eaten.

  4. Poor Poor cows, but Im glad that we don't live outside or have to worry about becoming hamburgers. You are hilarious!

  5. You and the cows crack me up!

  6. To funny. I love cows on and off my plate

  7. I love watching cows too...Everything just seems so simple for them, and they give off the vibe that, thats okay...Maybe because they've known little else...If only we could all take the additude of cows and live our lives simply and with little stress, minus the being eaten part:p Good post!

  8. Well there is looking on the bright side... lol

  9. LOL. yes, that would suck. but- they don't even know it's coming. so that's still a perk, since we are aware of our own mortality.


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