Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Check. It. Out.

How cool is that?

Check me out peeps I got my own little button! And no, I had nothing at all to do with designing it. Well I did say I liked the colors red and blue.

So in that regard I was a driving force. Kinda sorta.

The very, very, talented TRS over at The Roaming Southerner put this little beauty for me. I have no idea how she did it, that coding and computer stuff is way over my head but isn't it fantastic?

Really I could just stare at it all day. Or at least until someone gets into something that they shouldn't and I'm called away.

I really have to thank TRS for this. As of now she does buttons and headers but hopefully soon she'll be expanding into full on blog designs. I can not say enough amazing things about her.

First not to revisit me being a total tech idiot but really I am and she has been very patient with me. I gave her some ideas of what I wanted and she ran with it, and by some ideas I just said, "hey this is the wording I'm thinking of and these are the colors I like" and this was what she came up with. How awesome is she?

Please check out her site if your thinking of getting some new blog bling.

Now what is this button for?

I'm coming to gripes with the fact that I am not supermom. In fact I never will be. There I said it.
But what I am is an honest mom. I don't so much clean or work out once I put the kiddos to bed, I have been known to give them gummy bears so I can get a shower, and you know what there is the occasional day that slips by without a single veggie being eaten.

But that's ok. Why? Because I love my children, they are my life and my loves and while I might not be a perfect mom, I'm trying my best to be a great and happy mom. And that means being honest.

Honest with me and honest with all of you. So I every now and again I'm going to post an honest mom post and I hope that some of you will follow suit, you know like a post about the one thing you said you would never do as a mom and now your eating your words.

I'm still working this out in my head, but if you ever feel like posting an honest mom post borrow the button and post away. Let me, and the rest of us moms, know that we aren't the only ones out there.
Honest moms out there unite!


  1. Awesome button! I like the meaning behind it very much :)

  2. Your an awesome mom (and friend).

  3. uhm pretty sure locking my daughter in the car for the second time today counts as being an honest mom. seriously who tells on herself twice?

    and you are right - trs is awesome :)

  4. You mean I'd have to fess up to my mommy mis-steps?

    Mmmmm, I'll have to think about participating in this or not...


  5. ack thank you so much for love! I was just hoping for link! Thanks for the shout out and I can't wait to see what you and the other more experienced moms out there write!

  6. I'm totally right there with you on being an honest mom! We all need to hear we are not alone, and it's great advice to pass on to the next generation of moms!

  7. This kind of thing has SO been on my mind a lot lately! I was just telling my friend how I let my boys pull all the canned goods and the onions (I did stop them when I saw them peeling them, though) off the shelves so they could play some kind of stacking/shopping game. I needed the screaming to stop so I could cook some dinner. Then, I left it all for the next day. That is definitely something I would never have dreamed I would allow them to do before I gave birth to them and realized what it meant to have no help half the year.

    I think you've got a great idea. We beat ourselves up far too much for stupid stuff; it's nice to realize everyone else has those moments, too.

  8. I love it! The Roaming Southerner is one talented lady!

  9. I have never heard of a button. You keep me blog savvy and up to speed!
    I can not use your button but it's very cute and very you! :)

  10. Love the button and what a cool idea you have for it! Being honest amd making yourself happy is total key!

  11. I love the button! Very cute, and it's cool how she coordinated it to your overall design.

  12. hee hee hee! Love that button. It looks great and what it stands for is even better. I can't wait to use it :)

  13. Great idea, and the button is awesome.
    I am planning on reading Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman to help me realize that it is totally okay to not be a Stepford Mom. So please keep posting the honest blogs!

  14. Great idea! My husband left yet again on some pre-deployment workups yesterday, and I have already had a few mommy-meltdowns! I will be blogging about them soon, now I have a reason - I will call it the "Honest Mommy Challenge"!!

  15. I like your button! I know all of my blogs are pointless. I am struggling with this weight loss because I am such a junk food eater. I have lost 15 pounds though! :)

  16. Awesome button! Your honesty and humor are what I love about your blog. I swear I rarely leave without stitches in my sides and tears running down my cheeks. :D

    By the way, left you a little something on my blog here for those exact reasons.

  17. Love the idea.. very cute! I'll have to remember to make a post


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