Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers are more then dads

I am thankful daily for my boys wonderful father, also known as my studly flyboy. Actually I should amend that. I'm not merely thankful, I am really, REALLY grateful.

Much obliged kinda grateful.

Boys need their daddy's. They keep mommy sane. If it weren't for him I probably would have had our boys in plastic bubbles a long time ago, but he helps to balance me. He is teaching them to take on the world, often times head first, even more often resulting in a boo boo.

Flyboy fills a spot in the boys life that I can't. He makes sure that they get the push in life they need, a push that is sometimes hard for me as a mom to give, I in turn make sure they have the soft spot to fall.

Right now its extra soft. But that's neither here nor there.

It's so cliche to say but I watch him with our boys and I fall even more in love with him. To see him on the floor with them building giant lego towers (which the mom in me fears will fall over and poke someones eye out, really there has to be some lego height restriction out there), wrestling and rough housing (far to rough sometimes in my opinion) or building a rocket at night so they can have a launch the next day, I see in him a father who would do anything for his kids.

I know he doesn't always like his job. He has a funny saying and I'm paraphrasing somewhat, sure I like flying, but working with idiots is my true passion. But he toils away long hours, lots of stress, and much to all of our disappointment, a lot of time away from us, but he does it for us.

And then he comes home and is an awesome dad. He is not the type of guy that comes home from work and "unwinds" with some peace and quiet or playing video games. He comes home and seldom has he even taken off his flight suit before the boys are all over him. They roll around on the floor, eat some dinner, and then roll around some more.

I love him for being such a special dad. I love that he sees what our boys need to grow up to be responsible men and I know that with their fathers love and guidance they won't just grow up to be men, but to be incredible men.

And I love that he can get dash-2 to pee on the potty.

Happy father's day my dear, we might forget to tell you sometimes how very much you mean to us, but the boys and I, we always know how lucky we are to have you.


  1. very sweet glad he was able to spend fathers day at home

  2. I love it! Happy Father's Day Flyboy!

  3. What a very sweet post. Your husband sounds like a very lucky, and special guy. Happy Father's Day!

  4. Awwww!! Happy dad day to the stud!!

  5. I love that my hubby comes home and plays with the kids in his flight suit and plays with the kids before he heads off to change :) Well he plays with them after he gives me sugar first :)

    Sounds like your kids have a great "Daddy"!!!!!

  6. You make me tear! :) Sounds like you are a lucky lady. Nothing is so great as a guy who enjoys his kids.

  7. I love his "saying"... something similar to that has come out of my hubby's mouth as well :) I love that my husband does whatever it takes for us to have a great life, too! (even if it means missing Father's Day, and Mother's Day, too!!)

  8. Glad he was able to spend fathers day with you guys!

  9. This is an awesome post! Happy Father's Day, Flyboy!

    The lego's thing made me laugh. Stonewall is officially banned from legos since his mom is still finding random legos from days of throwing them across the room in frustration when he was a kid.

  10. How sweet. Fathers are important to our boys and the time they share together is special, especially when you add deployments and TDYs in the mix.

  11. great post friend - hope you all had a wonderful daddy day!

  12. new to your blog - found you thru more than an army wife - i love this post. my husband and i don't have kids yet, not for lack of trying - lol, but i've watched him change into the most amazing person since his nephews were born. they're 5 and 2 now, and he is just wrapped around their fingers. he has no fear when it comes to handling a newborn, feeding a baby, playing with a toddler, none of it - it's awesome. :) of course, he gets them all wound up and leaves them to his brother to deal with quite often as sounds like your husband is an awesome dad!


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