Monday, June 15, 2009

damn my shrinking husband

Flyboy came home from work today and announced that he's running a marathon in October. He starts training asap.

He's been running a crap ton lately, hence why I gave him his father's day gift as soon as it came last week and why it was such the perfect gift.

A Garmin forerunner 405 gps watch. My feeble, non running mind can't even comprehend what this watch thingy even does. Quite frankly if it could cook dinner and birth children for him he probably wouldn't even need me anymore.

But anyways on with my lamenting. Flyoby is running and logging miles like crazy. And I must say. The side effects are nice. He's always a sexy stud but well, let's just say running 13 miles a day doesn't hurt the view.


He's getting skinny and I'm getting fat. Fatter I should say.

Sigh. Hold me, my bloggy peeps. Hold me.

I might add some weight gain powder to his food, cause if he gets to be the same weight as me I will pitch myself off a bridge.

And I want a milkshake dammit.


  1. Glad he at least likes him new toy :)

  2. I am so there! (as the State Farm commercials say) Hubs is in training/prep for his physical and PT test and I feel like I'm just a big squishy water balloon!! He also wants a running watch, probably similar to the one you have displayed.

  3. Oh i hate that!! i have the same problem!! Sam is such a skinny minnie... his fam actually has problems GAINING weight... wear i can put on 2 lbs just watching him eat!


  4. What a great gift! I should look into that for Rob. Your situation is how my life always is...since Rob got out of the Army he de-stresses by working out. As a result, he's muscular, fit, lean, etc...and I'm operating totally on natural thin-ness, which can only last so long and I'm sure is starting to disappear. MEN.

    And dammit, have a milkshake!

  5. Hahaha you are too funny! And what a great gift you got him!!

  6. see you're smart! haha! no one else caught onto that and thinks i'm the luckiest person alive.

    sam won't be able to come to jersey until he's after his done with his army commitment. hopefully in less than 2 years unless he gets deployed again.

    but in the meantime, he's going to texas to missouri to who knows where next? so i'm trying to make sure at least one of us is grounded.

  7. I'll make you the best damn milk shake if you come visit

  8. Awesome gift!

    I'm so jealous of male metabolism...

  9. Have the milkshake and enjoy the view, that is what I do!

  10. A marathon, wow!

    Have the milkshake, admire your view of your lean mean flying marine, and put your feet up!

    Great job on the present!

  11. Have the milkshake and remember you are not fat, you are gestating, bringing forth new life. While he may be whittling his frame with the insane running, you are probably growing an internal organ for your child. Can your Marine do that? Didn't think so.

  12. ::virtual hug::

    oh, and if you want that milkshake, I'll go with you to get it! Fuddruckers? Crunchy cookies and cream? Done. :D

  13. I bet he loves that watch! Hang in there, just add the powder to him or force feed food down him. That works well.

  14. dude at least you have pregnancy as a reason for getting bigger. i'm just gaining weight for the heck of it. :P

    and of course, hubs has a PERFECT body.

    i don't get it.

    we eat the SAME STUFF. and i eat about 1/2 what he eats. and i'm still gaining.

    i give up.

    let's go out for a milkshake. preferably while they're out running.

  15. I love your blog posts! This had me laughing hysterically. It kind of reminded me of those slimquick commercials which always have me rolling!

    You should definitely eat your milkshake... your baby wants it (you can't use that excuse too much longer!) :)

  16. When *R* came home from the desert he was 4 pound heavier than me. FOUR.

    I promptly proceeded to lose 15 pounds and he gained about 20 but still, it was an ugly day when I figured that out.

  17. So as soon as I comment, I am going online to look for that watch! So cool! HA!

    I sympathize, poor thing!

    I had to laugh at your last post. When I had my second child, I shared a room with a lady whose baby cried ALL NIGHT! Ugh! I wanted to go sleep in the lobby. But they frown on that. Boo...

    Oh, and I am OLD *ahem* so I don't know if they do this anymore, but when I had my first child, I shared a labor suite with someone who was SCREAMING during labor. No exageration. SCREAMING. I heard the nurse telling the lady she should calm down because they had a first time mommy next to her and she was scaring me. I kept hearing this slapping sound and thought they were SLAPPING her, but my husband told me they were clapping their hands together trying to get her to calm down.

    Should'a slapped her... I'm just say'n... HA! :D

  18. I'd want my own room too, but I think they do let you go home early if it's not your first baby and you want to go. If you're desperate, you can always ask and see what they say.

    My husband and I weigh about the same right now and he's a foot and a half taller than me. It's depressing. At least your "fat" situation is temporary.

  19. ARGH! I want one of these so badly, but I need to get better with my runnng before I can justify the cost:p I'll go with ya for that shake girl:p

  20. That's an awesome gift!

    The day I realized I outweighed Stonewall when I was depresses me just thinking about it.

  21. I say have the milkshake and spike him with lots of cheese wiz

  22. hahaha! This totally reminds me of a conversation between me and my fiance. He is a twig and after my son I feel very un-skinny. He runs everyday and it makes me think well dang I should run too. But I can't because I have a torn PCL in my knee... It sucks!

  23. Oh Momma, I'm right there with you! Matt decided to lose weight the same time I got pregnant with Joshua. He lost 35lbs and I gained 35lbs. And then we were in the same space of weight numbers. Oh my dear it bothered me! After Joshua I only lost 25 of the 35 I gained, so when I gained 35lbs again... you guessed it... I weighed more than him.

    The only thing that saves me is the fact that he's only 5'8" tall, so in the realm of things, he's a pretty "small" man. But weighing more than my hubby irks me something horrid.

    *Here's to milkshakes* coz pregnant or not, I still want one. Poop. Salad.... ugh....

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