Monday, June 15, 2009

new fear

My latest fear aside from spiders crawling in my ears while sleeping and my trunk flying open mid drive.... sharing a room after delivery.

And I gotta say, this one is moving up the list, almost to the point of kicking the trunk one off the list.

Our military hospital is not so large, our ob labor and delivery unit, even tinier. I mean really, our hospital serves mostly retirees and is located at a military academy. Retirees and cadets aren't really popping out babies so there is hardly justification for a ton of rooms. They have two delivery rooms and four rooms to stay in. Two are double rooms.

The single rooms are for gyn patients primarily, I mean someone who just had a hysterectomy probably doesn't want to bunk up with a newborn.

At every appointment people keep telling me how popular the end of summer is for babies around here. I'm hardly shocked, there isn't much else up here to do in the winter then, you know, make babies. But I really don't want to share a room.

Perhaps I sound selfish. It's ok, I'm surprisingly good with that.

Like I said in my last post, I'm cool with just hanging out in my own little world and sharing a room with someone else is way to close for comfort. Especially when you consider they'll have people popping in and out and a new baby crying.

Here's a bit of brutal mommy honesty for you, I like my kid, doesn't mean I like all newborns.

I mean they are cute and all. But its hard enough dealing with the lack of sleep from your crying baby without having to deal with another.

When we were at the same hospital for dash-2's birth we had our own room, their was someone in the room next door with a baby girl who sounded like a peacock mating. It was the highest pitch squeal I've ever heard. One nurse let it slip that she was relieved they were headed home.

Call me bitchy, I don't want to share a room with that. Of course who knows I could give birth to a peacock baby. Karma has a sense of humor after all.

And what if I get some crazy person like the woman at the lab? Who by the way is due the same exact time as me. Or what if it's some other weird, wordy, let's bond over our new babies kinda person? Really, with two other kids at home, the hospital actually provides a bit of a vacation to me. I mean someone makes me my meals rather then vice versa.

I wonder if they let you check out of the hospital early?


  1. Um, no thank you. There is no way in hell I would share a room after just popping out a baby and being more exhausted than words can describe. And you are right, who knows what kind of crazy they will stick you with. I am so sorry :(

    Makes me grateful we will be out of the army before we start our family. I mean, free health care is great and all, but it certainly comes with a price!!

  2. Can't say that I blame you. I'm big into keeping to myself.

    A retired milwife friend of mine said she and her firstborn shared barracks with 19 other women and 20other babies. Her husband took one look at the setup and paid up for a private hospital for the rest of their kids.

  3. I was nervous there with my first to. Luckly i was the only one who had a baby that night and th enight before one other lady came in. (would have been funny if we had our oldest 2 weeks closer and shared a room)

    When i had Bay in Md i had my own room but i begged them to let me go home early. I just wanted to get home to Madeline. So i went home a day early

  4. personally i'd just "be out of town" accidently and deliver at a nice & pretty non-military hospital. As an "emergency" tri-care still picks up the bill.

    good luck...I was at FLW and at BAMC while the hubby recovered from his IED injuries. Not a lot of fun, so i don't have too much love for the Army medical staff.

    be out of town the week the baby is due and hit a nice private hospital.

    best of luck'

  5. I'm laughing over this because I feel like I could have written it myself! I've never had to share a room (Thank goodness!) but thinking about it makes me cringe.

    We need to get stationed near each other so we can be best friends. I need a girlfriend who understands the value of "personal space" ;) Sometimes it's all just too much togetherness for me and I start to feel like I'm an antisocial freak, haha.

  6. LOL! I was reading this thinking at first that you didn't want to share the room with your babie! BWAH HA HA! Once I read on and figured it out I was like, Um NO WAY! I totally agree and you're not being bitchy by no means! there is no way in hell I'm sharing a room once I give birth...Not this chic!

  7. I hate hospitals, like, a LOT. and even more, i'm really uncomfortable being around people in hospitals. as in, when matt had his kidney stones removed and was in the recovery room, there were 2 other patients in there and it was all i could do to keep my panic / anxiety under control (it goes back to the vomit thing, i think).

    but helllllllllll no i would NOT want someone IN MY ROOM after i just had a baby!!! does tricare cover midwives? i'd like to have a baby at home, thank you.

  8. No way would I share a room! I hope you don't get stuck with crazy people.

    I've never heard the hospital called a vacation before. I haven't had much experience with hospitals other than my sisters very long stay. She definitely didn't consider it a vacation! She said the hospital was trying to make her anorexic because she could only eat jello and popsicles.

  9. Ok - I haven't ben to your blog in, well.. AGES! So, let me first off give you a big CONGRATS! I found out around the end of April, just in time for my birthday, that we are expecting again too - #5, definitely a bit of a surprise as Emma is only 18 months.

    Anyway, I totally understand where you are coming from! When I had my twin girls, my first(s), we were stationed in Okinawa and I got stuck in this massive room that had like 6 or 8 beds in it! It was like a freakin' squadbay! I was lucky that I was on my own the first night. But the next morning I got a roomie who just happened to be Filipino. She constantly had visitors, like 4 and 5 at a time. They hogged the one television in the room and they spoke Tagalog so loud! (No offense to any Filipinos, but I think Tagalog is the harshest sounding language!) I was so happy to get the heck out of Dodge and go home!

    Luckily with my son and other daughter I was in a private room and it was SO NICE!

    I hope you get some quite time when the time comes :)

  10. Oh gross. That sucks! I hope you don't get stuck with anyone either. I would rather be by myself as well.

  11. Oh. Ugg. Is it too late to change to Tricare Standard and pick a different place.

  12. right there with you - room sharing - no thank you. thank goodness our hospital has all singles.

    here's hoping you get that little mini vaca room all to yourself when it's time :)

  13. Definitely not a time I'd want to share a room. Yikes. It seems like it would be hard enough to get rest in a hospital with the nurses constantly checking on you and a newborn - who needs a 3rd & 4th party? We just had the L&D tour at our hospital over the weekend and early check-out was mentioned. Hope that if you are stuck room sharing, they will at least let you out as soon as you are ready.

  14. Oh no, I would so not be okay with sharing a room. You don't get a lot of sleep anyways after the baby is born with those nurses constantly checking on you two, I couldn't imagine how much worse it would be with another woman and new baby!

    Is there no way that you can get referred to a hospital off base? I know the military is odd about stuff like that, but maybe it is worth a shot.

    I will cross my fingers that you get lucky and are the only one who goes into labor on your due date.

  15. Yeah, there's no way I could share a room during or after that. NO way....I mean really you have a human being coming out of you...that's a private room right there...

  16. Totally excersize your tricare prime option! You can go to a private doctor and hospital when you are pregnant. Pick anywhere you want! That's what I did both times. But, I totally hear you on the room thing. When I was pregnant with my first, you know how people like to scare you and all...well one of my friends was talking about when she had her first as an LTs wife (she's a general's wife now) and they had their babies in an old WWII open bay hospital with 20 other women and their babies with them. If they wanted water, they had to get up and go to the food tray and get it themselves, same with food. I can't imagine doing that, and I suppose it makes sharing with 1 person just a little more tolerable!

    Oh and your fear thing...mine now is that when my husband is gone I'll die in my sleep or something and no one would know and my daughter would be all alone...

  17. Fortunately, I never had to share although the possibility existed the first time around.

    And if we're going to be honest mommies around here, while I love my kids, I don't always like even them all that much. Just think how little I appreciate other people's kids. Let's just say there is a reason I didn't go into teaching...

  18. Hahaha, if you have the peacock baby, maybe they will let you check out early!

    I'm right there with you though -- I think private rooms are in order!

  19. I've only had Tricare as an active duty wife during his deployment and we are so far removed from a base I pretty much got to go where I wanted to for whatever. Now, I've never birthed no babes of my own, but I'm with Jenn...I'd look into the private option. I know you have your doc and all, but if the possibility is that high, and I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be to be with others, it may be worth looking into. However, for regular insurance folks, having babies is almost a drive-thru event now...have a baby, 18 hours later go home.

    Wish I had something of substance to throw out there :)

  20. Oh I would SO NOT want to share a room! What if one mommy wants to room with her baby and the other mommy wants the nurses in the nursery to take over? I would so start bribbing the room giver outer, like right now, with goodies.


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