Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GIVEAWAY! and my turn to the green side

I'm not a terribly green person. Don't get me wrong, we do recycle all cans, plastics, cardboard, and food scraps go in the compost pile.

I know, you just read right, we have a compost pile. I know your thinking, wow, they must be green. No, we live on a farm, if you put trash out with food in it, things eat your trash and we're talking BIG things that make big messes. This annoys me. Hence why I find it easier to put my food scraps out in a compost pile where they can just eat it out of that and I don't have to clean up a mess. I'm pretty sure our compost pile will never amount to much since it's just one big ol buffet for the wild life.

And perhaps this is also the reason that our groundhogs look like they need Jenny Craig.

However, about six months ago I started in on something. I'm paying attention to what my kids eat and what I use around them. Seriously, one should be able to read the ingredients on the back of fruit roll ups and understand whats in them.

And one should be able to clean their toilet without passing out from the smell. Of the cleaner that is, not the toilet bowl. Seriously my normal toilet bowl cleaner fills the entire house with a horrible thick smell of chemicals. And I can't help but think that for a child with asthma and other sensitivities that can't be so good for him.

And this brings me to my point, because ramble on as I might, there is usually always a point.

I got an email from a very interesting company EcoStore USA about using some of their plant and mineral based products. They range from shampoos to baby lotion to toilet bowl cleaner.

Which might I add I can not get enough of, it smells kinda minty fresh. Seriously, just yesterday I cleaned my toilets and it wasn't even Friday. But this stuff is so light and fresh smelling and let me just say, I'm the only girl in my house, I need a toilet bowl cleaner that has some serious power to it and this was it. Worked wonderful, smelled wonderful, I'm in love.

With a toilet bowl cleaner.

EcoStore USA is online for those of us who aren't in the Midwest, but if you live near a Meijer grocery store your in luck, their products are there and hopefully will be expanding nationally. If you go to their blog you can sign up for their newsletter and get coupons, updates and other good stuff.

Ok so this whole post can't just be about my new BFF toilet bowl cleaner, I also found a delightful soap bar and baby lotion that took the scales off my darling dash-2. His skin is so dry it's rough to the touch. I have tried everything and the problem is two fold, 1. my kids are incredibly sensitive so the pool of what we can use is REALLY small and 2. his skin soaks it up in 5 secs but doesn't stay hydrated. By anything.

Their baby moisturizer worked very well on him. He's smooth as the day we brought him home, sigh, too bad it can't make them quiet or sit still. And not one of us, dash-1, dash-2, or myself has had the slightest outbreak from it. And that my friends, is a feat. Oh and its great to use after shaving your legs, I used it and there was no stinging or awful red bumps. Score!

I also tried their exfoliating soap. Bar soap is so quick and easy to use and lets face it my time is hardly a spa retreat when the kids are around, but lately every kind I've used has been giving me these weird red bumps on my arms.

Ummm... eww.

So I tried this stuff not expecting much and I love it! Its their Manuka Honey and Kelp soap and it has little scrubbers in it to exfoliate. I'm not all dried out and the exfoliating stuff feels fantastic. And no red bumps. Perfect for the summer.

And really folks, just in case your wondering, I've actually tried products out and not posted the reviews because I don't feel like I can stand behind it. So take my word for it, despite my joking around I can not be bought.

Take a look at their estore, they have a whole baby line, shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products. Simple products to help get some of the chemical crap out of our lives.

And for those of you who aren't that familiar with me, I have a son who is very sensitive and allergic to quite a few things, two of which are serious allergies that could result in anaphylaxis reaction. I was overjoyed to look at these products and realize that they are safe for us and for other families dealing with sensitive kids.

And to top it off, the things I tried all worked well. I mean really, I'm singing the praises of toilet cleaner. Clearly these folks have the power to get me over to the green side of life.

And they are very kindly offering you guys the chance to green up!!


You could win any TWO products from their store! How sweet is that? sigh. I love a good giveaway.

All right here's the deal.... you have the chance for THREE entries....
- leave a comment (name the two products you would like to win on this post if you dont mind) for one entry
-post a link to this giveaway on your blog and get ANOTHER entry
-follow my blog and get ANOTHER entry

Super simple right folks?

The giveaway will stay open until Saturday 12 noon (est). Good luck!


  1. Dash-2 sounds like he has my skin. That has been the story of my life... since birth. I have always fought a battle with eczema... it is nowhere near what it used to be when I was little, but I still have to put lotion on multiple times a day, religiously, if I want to have any semblance of normal skin. That toilet cleaner sounds wonderful! I guess the lotion and the toilet cleaner would be my two picks? I'm a follower too!

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  3. SWEET! I checked out the website and it's awesome! I deleted my first comment cuz I'm an idiot and didn't read the rules right!

    I'd try the cleaner and the lotion!

    I'll most likely link to your giveaway and I'm a follower.

    Also I'll be in the area the week of Aug 24th for a couple days!

  4. Since I did the other one I'll bow out. I wanted to say that I still owe you something fun for pay it forward (or pay it backward).

    The store sounds great, I'll have to check it out!

  5. Fancy! I'd like the exfoliating soap and the toilet bowl cleaner!

    Maybe I'll win this time!

  6. I would love to try The Pure Oxygen Whitener my laundry is so dingy. I would also love to try the Manuka Sandalwood Conditioner I have Psoriasis in my head and the dandruff can be very embarrsing

  7. And their prices are pretty good too! I was expecting some hefty pricetags, but those are definitely prices I would pay.

    I'm gonna do with the Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. Ever since giving birth my hair has been really blah and I can't find a shampoo that I like. Maybe this will be the one!

    I'm also a follower and I'm putting a link on my site!

  8. does flyboy like the toilet cleaner? Does he approve?
    I love a good cleaner :)

  9. Well the toilet is one of the few things I haven't gone green on. We use those disposable toilet bowl scrubbers. Everything else gets cleaned with vinegar (mixed with a few drops of essential oil of lemon to help with the pickle smell). So pop in my name for the toilet bowl cleaner and whatever else a girl of 21 with no kids might enjoy!

    PS I follow you in my google reader, does that count? I should have just clicked follow but oh well. I have to complicate everything.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I definitely need to sign up for your giveaway! The leave-in dog conditioner looks great! I'm also intrigued by the pure oxygen whitener.

  11. I WANT IN! I am a follower too. =)
    I definitely want the toilet bowl cleaner (the apparent green friendly stuff we have now smells so strong and I highly doubt it is a green product), and that cool soap you spoke about. I am definitely going to check out their website.

  12. I would get the toilet bowl cleaner and the exfoliating soap. I am super sensitive to chemicals, so having a lotion that doesn't make me break out in a rash would be great! I'm also a follower!

  13. What a fabulous idea! Their website looks good and the prices are very reasonable! The baby lotion sounds wonderful, and I guess as my second pick the baby wash to go with it. I will be posting on my blog about your giveaway in a few minutes!

  14. I was just thinking today that I need to get something for my returning eczema. I would LOVE something to make the bumps go away. And I suppose I could be even more green. Dang Germany is rubbing off on me.

    PS- You short comment left me wanting more :) Your words were lonely. He he!

  15. I'm in! I'm already a follower and will post something on my blog later today.

    by the way, you could request the subscription if you like. That's just an every day cookbook. It includes a grocery list, and even a lunch box section for kid friendly foods.

  16. I would like to try that awesome toilet bowl cleaner and the baby wash. The toilet bowl cleaner would probably be easier on the septic than the nasty stuff would be.

  17. Minty clean toilets sound pretty facinating.. but I'd have to say I'd want to try the nappy balm and vanilla soap.

    I love all things vanilla. Er. Most things vanilla.

    Green is good. And you really cracked me up... fat groundhogs, indeed.

  18. Oooh....see you totally know me and knew if I hadn't entered already, I was a space cadet and had forgotten.


  19. Oh, darn it - I missed the deadline. But thanks for suggesting these products. They sound great!


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