Saturday, August 23, 2008

It came to me in my sleep.

You know my feelings on flying solo weekends from my previous post. In case you didn't catch that one let me sum it up.

They stink. Something about them is just kinda off.

Then this morning Dash-1 comes and crawls into my bed. "I had an idea during my sleep mommy."

Oh lord where is this one headed? He once had an idea in his sleep that I should let him eat Popsicles for breakfast. That one didn't pan out for him.

"I could wake up and then daddy could be at home." Ouch. Then he looks around me into the bed where, obviously, no one is sleeping.

His face falls. "Oh I guess he isn't coming." Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I am trying to explain that daddy wont be gone much longer, you can count the days on one hand. He is not impressed by this and he gets me again. "But when daddy gets home he's going to leave again."


"Well he'll be home for a week or two and then you get to have fun mommy time." Yeah he was even less impressed with that answer. I see where I fall in line.

What else is there to do? I really think its just that he's more aware now, I also think that there are times when he uses missing daddy to try to get stuff. This wasn't the case today.

Gone are the peaceful days where flyoby could come and go and no one noticed much. Dash-2 is still in that blissful stage. He'll turn a corner in the house and ask for daddy but he's not heartbroken as dash-1 when he doesn't appear.

I did the standard daddy loves you but has to be away yadda yadda and then I did what any good mom would do.... sidetrack the kid with a pop tart and a cartoon.


  1. Oh my gosh, it must be heartbreaking to watch your son going through that. He'll be so proud, though, when he's a bit older and has a true understanding of what his daddy does.

    Are you still doing the mailbox thing?

  2. In regards to your comments on my posts:

    1) Just use the dry mix. Do not make up the batter, just dump in the powder.

    2) Yes I think the Southern style sandwich is better than the Chickfila sandwich. I never really like the chickfila sandwich. I LOVE everything else Chickfila has but I prefer McD's new sandwich. That's why I'm so glad they sell the Southern Style nationwide now instead of just in Georgia.

  3. i've said it before and i will say it again...i don't know how you do it.

    you are one amazing mama friend.

    those are two very, very lucky little boys :)

  4. OUCH!

    Being a mama is hard enough, but it's even harder with a missing Flyboy, huh?

  5. I feel for you. I really do. It must be so hard to see Dash 1 look so disappointed. I can't imagine having to go it alone for longer than a day or so every few months. You are amazing!

    Popsicles are miracle workers too, in case you run out of poptarts.

  6. Oh, that so sucks. What a hard way to start the day. I get frustrated with my Hubby sometimes for working so much, but at least he isn't gone for weeks, he eventually makes it home in the evenings, albeit later than I care for. Anyway, you are doing so good holding everything together and like mamashpere said, one day Dash will admire his dad so much for the important work he is doing. And he will admire you for being his best friend while dad was away. I'm sending good vibes your way! Hang tough!

  7. Poptarts and cartoons work on big kids too!! ;o)

  8. I am dreading that awareness. Dreading, dreading, dreading... I will be remembering the poptarts and cartoons.

  9. That's really heartbreaking...I'm sorry that the wee one is so bummed. It must be very hard to hear that as a parent. But as the first person commented, I'm sure once he's older he'll be so very proud and understanding.

    Good luck :) And I too get distracted by poptarts and cartoons, haha.

  10. Ouch indeed!
    My daughter has gotten to that point as well. My husband doesn't have to travel too much, but when he does she definitely notices now. The last time we had to take him to the airport she sobbed hysterically for about 15 minutes in the car. It was heartbreaking.
    Thank you for everything your family sacrifices for this country.

  11. This one got to me.

    The Little Mister is only 14 months old, but since the Sergeant went back to Iraq not a day goes by that he doesn't look at me and say, with an expectant look, "Da-ee?" (aka "daddy") It's always a question, like "where is he?" Breaks my heart every time.

    And the next deployment (for surely there will be another) will be even harder.

  12. you handled it admirably, because just reading this post made me cry. You're doing a great job with the boys, whether they're old enough now to know that or not.


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