Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To the douche at the park

To the idiot father at the park,

Your a douche.

Yeah that's right. Your a douche. There I said it. It's out there.

First off you moron, if you would have stopped drooling over skinny nanny in a tank top, who very clearly wasn't your wife ( since you answered a call from her on your cell and so rudely ran into my 20 mth old and didn't help him up) and had actually been paying attention to your child you would have realized that it was HIM who was pushing MY kid around.

Not vice versa. Not hardly.

Your kid started the shoving issues by pushing mine and then running off and laughing.

My kid is only three, in his world, strange as it may be, he thinks this is playing.

I also saw your kid hand his little toys and then go running to you claiming that my kid took them. You must not have heard me when I tried explaining.

Oh and a little tip. Dont take your own toys to the park. What are you a newbie?

And I really appreciate your great parenting advice telling your kid not to be pushed around by my kid who, if you didn't notice was two heads shorter and about 15 pounds lighter. My husband has been known to tell our son to push back but only when the kid is bigger. I'm not happy about this always but at least my husband understands the size rules. And after witnessing your kid in action my husband might be on to something.

And I would like to say that I was there at the park with TWO small kids, you just had one. And you couldn't keep ONE under control. Yeah that's right.

My kid can be wild, I'll give you that. But today he was being sweet and surprisingly well behaved. He is just a little boy who wants to have everyone like him. And your son is just a big mean, manipulative bully. And you sir are a blind idiot.

And a douche. Did I mention that?


  1. clearly this guy was a douche.

    he messed with the wrong mama!!

  2. Okay, this really got me fired up. I can't believe he would treat you and your boys that way! ugh! what a douche nozzle

  3. Clearly this guy was a douche!

    Some parents think that their child is perfect so it automatically MUST be the other person's fault.
    He sounds like one of those parents.
    What a douche!

  4. I will add my favorite insulting word - BEYOTCH!

    Inconsiderate and stupid people should not be allowed to attempt parenting. It's gross he was all over the nanny too - ick.

  5. Ahh the infamous douche.

    Seriously, why would you bring toys from home to the park? Isn't that the point of going to a park? Something different than what's at home?

    Ugh, I hate stupid people.

  6. I'm proud of you for restraining and stopping at douche. I felt the southern in me rise up and I'm confident azzhole would have crossed my lips at some point. That is one of my "traits" that makes the husband cringe and makes him pray on the spot.

    What a jackass.

  7. I hate people like that. People who don't take responsibility for their kids.

    No matter what, no matter when, even if you kid is RIGHT, you pull them aside and talk to them about the situation and you do NOT encourage them to cause bodily harm to others, EVER. Douche is too gentle a term for that a$&hat.

  8. I hate park drama its the worst and it makes a trip to the park (which you know I love) even worse.

  9. I'm sure you could have an angry mob of military wives do your bidding if you so wanted. Just putting that out there. ;)

  10. well said. that guy is definitely a stupid jerk.

  11. I think I've run into this guy (and the female version of him) at LEAST a gajillion times since we arrived at Disney over the weekend. WOWZA.

    You are a pillar of restraint. I suppose I would have gotten myself in trouble by telling him if he thought it was okay for his bigger kid to pick on someone not his own size, then he wouldn't mind if I (also not HIS size) kicked his non-fatherly-acting arse in front of the nanny and everybody.

    WHAT is wrong with people?!

  12. I would thrown his toys back at him. He definitely sounds like a buttwipe.

  13. Oblivious parents set my teeth on edge! Because they raise selfish, oblivious kids who then turn into selfish, stupid, annoying adults! What a loser! And the poor kid has no idea that his dad is setting him up to be the kid everyone hates, who we all know grows up to be...well, his Dad.


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