Monday, August 25, 2008

Some bling bling

I was thinking more about the dentist.

We are spending a decent chunk of change on getting Dash-1's cavities filled in teeth that will fall out.(Dental insurance wont cover any of the sedation and the dentist wont do it, cant do it, without him being sedated so that's 250 on top of the insurance co pays.)

Not that I wouldn't spend any amount of money on my little ones. But really,the dentist could stud his little teeth in diamonds and pearls, they will still fall out in a few years.

So why not just spend a little more and get the boy a grill

It could spell out DASH-1 in diamonds. Hmmm... wonder what a child's grill goes for? And I wonder if united concordia covers that? Probably not.

Imagine him walking into nursery school and flashing his bling bling at the lovely ladies. I'm guessing he'd be the only three year old there with his name on his teeth.

And as a mom, every time my son smiled at me and the sun twinkled off the bling, my heart would melt.

I'll have to mention this to flyboy when I speak to him tomorrow, surely this is worth tapping into the emergency fund for.


  1. Oh...that is just wrong.

    (...but very funny...)


  2. it is HARD to spend money at the doctor, isn't it? the grill would probably work great for spotting him at the playground...


  3. My kingdom for dental insurance. Im a bad mom I havent even taken my son yet.

  4. nice...

    then you could get him some ice

  5. Hahaha! I love it! I agree though, he would need some ice around his neck to match those teeth

  6. Ha! He would sure make an impression with a grill!

  7. Ins. companies drive me crazy. You pay and pay to them all these years and when you need them to pay or cover something forget it.

    It's pretty funny to think of a little guy with some bling!

  8. Ohh... I like the idea of a fierce looking Lil Jon grill on a kid.

  9. brilliant idea friend.

    and yes pretty sure this is worth the dip in the emergency fund :)

  10. I saw a little kid at the mall with his front teeth cased in gold. You might as well try out the look now while it's not permanent!

  11. HAHAHAHA. You'll have a future rapper on your hands.

  12. Ugh, don't you love insurance companies? Yeah a small child can have dental surgery without sedation. That makes sense. Oh well, I'm sure all you are doing now will pay off in the end. He'll have a great smile ;).

  13. Too funny.

    It does seem like an injustice to pay all that money out to fix teeth that are just gonna fall out.

    Good job he's worth it!

  14. Too. freaking. funny!

    I so see your point, though...

    I am still laughing at the pic...ha!!

  15. I've been to the dentist like 3 times with my 3 year old. His 1st visit was at 14 mos when he knocked out a tooth. I agree with you on the ins. companies, they stink! Totally rofl at the 3 yo with a grill thing!!


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