Friday, August 8, 2008

Opinions needed...

I should preface by saying, I suck at making decisions. Cant do it. I'm a waffler.

Hello my name is The Mrs. and I'm a big waffle.

This weekend my grandfathers brother is in town (their town not mine) from Hong Kong. He's a missionary priest over there and is here to see his brothers one last time before they all go to meet the maker (that is straight from my mothers mouth). It also happens to be his 50th jubille which is like your anniversary of being a priest. So its a big deal.

They are having a get together of the Maryland family, my mother is from CA so most her brothers are out there so they already had one on that coast. But my grandparents are in MD and well to put it polietly are not doing so well in the health department.

Despite being home a few times in the past year I haven't gotten to see them much because the kids were ALWAYS sick and I really dont want to be the ones to give two 80-something year olds the flu that kills them.

Everyone is healthy right now, flyboy is home and has sorta agree to go down with me (that kinda agreeing where he keeps saying he'll do whatever I ask of him but something tells me he would rather spend his weekend NOT in the car or around my extended family). Hell my mother even said she'd pay for the gas. Just to let you all know I can pay for my own gas, I think she's trying to make it even easier to come down.

We're only about 6 hours away, we could very easily (well kinda easily) leave here tonight, get down there around 11 or so, spend Saturday with the family and then come home Sunday.

It wouldnt be too painful. Althought there is beach traffic to contend with....

I just dont know what to do. Part of me really wants to go, part of me realizes that it would just be easier to spend the weekend here and go about our buisness.

We are close enough we could make it work, but far enough away to think about it a couple times over....

What would YOU do?

UPDATE: We will be heading down. Thanks for the input folks, much appreciated. Crap, lots to get done. My great plan is to be on the road in an hour. HA!

ps another handy tip will be posted tomorrow. you folks with little ones be sure to check it out/


  1. 10 years from now, what are you more likely to remember and say, "I'm glad we did that".

    When I can't decide between what I want to do, and what I think I maybe should do, that is generally my thought process.

    6 hours is quite a hike though...I certainly would not be jumping into the car with any sort of vigor.

  2. When I waffle I tend to go with what could possibly be the greater good. In this case I would probably go. My maternal grandmother died on my 30th birthday and I had not seen her in forever. Sad thing is two weeks before she died, I was within a stone's throw, but didn't go see her because of trying to make it back home ahead of traffic.

  3. Did you decide yet??
    Sucks to be LIbras huh? :)

  4. Go.. no dont ..stay have its close...ummmm

  5. I think I'd go, but obviously this is your decision not mine. Sure it might be somewhat of a hassle, but I bet in the end if you do go you'll be glad you did.

  6. It would be nice if your boys could spend time with your family and perhaps have memories of them later. B-u-t six hours is a long trip. Leave at night so the boys can sleep and you can use that time to talk to Flyboy.

    Like lindsay said, what will you remember ten years from now?

  7. I'd probably go.

    My dad and I had an iffy relationship the last few years and after E proposed I was trying to decide if I wanted to call to tell him or not. He hadn't called me since E and I started dating. When he called me that Aug 2007 he thought I was still dating the same guy from when we last talked over a year before that.

    I decided to call and tell my father. He was happy and thrilled. We ended up fighting at the end of the convo because he could never drop the little things from 8 years ago.

    About 5 days later I got the phone call that my father was crossing the street and was hit by a car and killed.

    I was devastated but at that same moment I was so glad I had called to tell him I was engaged and to be married.

    I hadn't seen my dad in almost 6 years and I was wishing I would have gone down about 1.5 years ago when he asked me to visit.

    Like someone else said- in a few years if your grandparents are gone are you going to wish you would have went?

    It's probably a hassle with the boys and the drive but I'm sure it'd mean the world to your grandparents.

  8. are you packed yet?

    pretty sure i'd go. i wouldn't be thrilled about it. but i know it would be the right decision.

    sometimes being a grown up sucks.

    safe trip friend :)

  9. I'd probably go. It will suck, but you may regret it later if you stay.

    Or at least, that's my thought process.

  10. I'm with everyone else... even though it might be a hassle, if you don't have anything else pressing going on.... why not? It will make more people happy (heck, even you guys, who knows?!) if you go than if you stay... besides a priest from Hong Kong has got to have some interesting stories! Good luck, I'm self proclaimed the most indecisive person ever.

  11. Thank you for the kind words. Really - you're sweet!

    I would go. If for no other reason than it means a lot to your Mom. She would love nothing more than to show you & your sweet family off. And sometimes the times when you do something for others are some of the best, you know?

  12. I'd go.....only because I know that when my father died...I was so thankful that we had PCS'd just a couple months before and I'd had that time with him.....14 years later I treasure every moment we had with him and my grandmother those couple grandmother died a few years later and I never got a chance to see her again after my father's funeral, to this day, that time with her, although wrought with sorrow, was enough for me later to say that I had made my peace when she passed. So many times I remember my father asking me to come home, afraid that my grandmother would not see another Christmas, never did I think he'd pass before her....

    If you can go, I'd go, like Lindsay said, I think you will, like I do, think back and say, you were glad you did. I have driven 15 hours for a couple days to spend with my mom....sometimes the pros don't outweigh the cons in our minds, until you consider that that you may never get another chance....then the cons really don't matter in the long run, but that is how I have come to realize things in my life.....

    Not sure if I have helped or not, but feel good about whatever you decide, we don't live in your shoes, so our lives are only our choices for what we have experienced....

  13. You'll be so glad you decided to go. I bet your great uncle has some really incredible stories about being a missionary, and you and your family will get to hear them first hand. Precious!

  14. So glad you decided to go! I heard a saying that we often regret the things that we don't do more than the things that we do.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!


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