Friday, August 29, 2008

Two degrees of seperation from a dictator

Flyboy had to wear his charlies to work today so despite approaching a 96 (a four day weekend for you civies) he couldn't stretch his haircut any longer. There isn't an on base barber and with the no cammies/flightsuit rule out in town its kinda a pain to get them as frequently as he needs them.

And no, I don't know how to cut hair for those who aren't familiar a high and tight leaves little room for me to screw up.

And expensive. $20 bucks a pop once a week. He's a high maintenance sorta guy and Uncle Sam likes it that way.

Flyboy has been going to the same guy for a while. One of the reasons he likes him is that he does a wicked tight fade and he doesn't talk to him. My love isn't one for small talk, even from me.

So he was waiting to get his hair cut last night and his barber was talking to some chick who cuts hair there and for all purposes sounded like she was not the sharpest tool in the shed. She could not get over the fact that this guy never had to get a license to start cutting hair. The guy tried to explain in broken English that he had never been to school. At all.


He told her that he was forced into his countries army and cut hair, in fact he often cut the President's hair, and several times he told her, I have never been to school. Ever.

She couldn't get past that he didn't have to take a test on some dummy.

Then she asked why he left.

"Millions of people were killed. It was messy, very ugly." Then he said what sounded like Po-Po was evil.

At this point, flyboy had put two and two together and realized where this guy was from. He asked quite profoundly, "Holy Shit. Your Cambodian? You survived the Khmer Rouge?" The barber looked kinda surprised he knew what he was talking about. No wonder if he spends most of his time with morons like that girl he must think we are a country of idiots.

And then she said again had a profound question. "But you didn't have to take a test? They just let you cut over there?"

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You moron this guy just said that he cut Pol Pots hair, survived bloody genocide, and managed to escape the Khmer Rouge and you care about a dummy head?

I don't even what to think about this brain child voting in Nov....


  1. Wow! Amazing what a horrible thing to live through. I had afriend who escaped just awful

  2. I'm betting she is voting for change. Because like change is like better than the same, right? ::insert head tilt::

  3. He can probably only put up with that insufferable ninny because he knows what REAL pain & suffering is.

    Because, you know, she couldn't cut hair at all if she didn't have a license...she'd be all "Huh?!" b/c her scissors wouldn't work right and that would be such a bummer. You know?

  4. Wow...what a horrible thing to live through.

    The didn't exactly cover that topic in World History or even American History. Genocide, yes, but Pol Pot, no. Maybe that was just in Nebraska...

    I'd hate to mess up a high and tight. My subject would end up having his head shaved. I pity the man.

  5. I had to come right over after your comment on my site and now am officially IN LOVE with you. My BIL is in the airforce deployed right now and godhelpme I love him for it. All of the service men and women. Big Fat Love.

    This is exactly why I'm afraid in November, too. Brainless morons able to get sucked in to believing in .. nothing. *sigh*

  6. this is a great post, and amazing story.

    Just so you know, Miss Bee cut my hair.

  7. That is crazy!! I can't believe that girl was so stupid about it. (well I guess I can believe it).

  8. Wow. Aside from the disturbingly stupid woman, that's downright amazing.

  9. I refuse to cut Stretch's hair for the simple reason that I want to stay married.

    As for the ninny. Walking posterchild for birth control! (And please God, never let my kids act like that!)

  10. I'm not surprised at all. American education has sunk to the point of "why bother" Having been in European schools most of my life, I am amazed at the abysmal state of the education system. And YES, I am voting for Change. More of the same... no thanks.

    And no, I'm not a twit, a ninny or anything else.


  11. I'm with LAW -- the sad part is that American students don't really get much education on modern world history.

    What an amazing story for the barber though.

  12. ??? Wow. How did your husband not tell her to shut up?

    On an entirely different note (sort of) my husband just paid $20 for a haircut today too and does so every 2 weeks. Oy. So expensive for them to look so darn good. Alright, maybe it's not that pricey, but c'mon, it's a high and tight! LOL

  13. I just realized you said once a week! Wow. That is costly.

    Alright, now I sound like an idiot going on and on about the haircut. ;)

    Glad flyboy took notice of this guy and what he went through. I'm sure it made the barber feel like someone actually gave a hoot.

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  15. And that right there is what's wrong with society today :P I fear for my children.

    Seriously, it's sad to me that many American's (especially in the younger generation) don't have any world view what-so-ever anymore. We're all so self obsessed and oblivious to what's going on on the rest of the planet.

    I admit I didn't know a heck of alot about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. The entirety of my knowledge on the subject was mostly from my girlfriend who works with refugees from Asia and had mentioned it a time or two. (thanks for the link BTW to get us up to speed) BUT, don't you think that once this girl realized what the guy was talking about she would have shut up about about the dang hair cutting license?! I! What an amazing story that man must have to tell!...A story that has nothing to do with hair licensing :P

    Kudos to your husband for realizing that and giving the guy the respect he deserved!

  16. i know everyone already said it, but wow.

    people should be required to take some kind of intelligence test before they are allowed to vote. which probably falls under the category of some sort of "-ism." so scratch that.


  17. actually it wasn't aero that posted the above comment, it was me, lala. i just forgot to log him out of my computer. sorry :)


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