Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm getting one!

Christmas '08 at my house.
I'm getting one of these for the boys.
The toy that is not the little girl. I'm pretty sure that's really illegal not to mention inappropriate.
My friend Amanda over at Lifelong Playdate has an obsession with big construction vehicles. Kinda odd I suppose but then again I like the smell of play doh so really who am I to judge? But I saw these last night in a catalog and had to post this for her.
Oh she's gonna be all over this.....


  1. After you buy it you can bring it my way so I can dig up all the overgrowth in my yard!

    That's so cute! (the girl and the yard machine!)

  2. One request: Post the link or tell me how to find it. Holy hockey sticks that will be a pure delight around Chateau L.

    Of course, three weeks after Christmas I would be swearing like a sailor because the back yard looks like a mine field.

  3. I always LOVED those things when I was a kid. I'm sure they'll love it!

  4. I have to say that when I was little, I might have been that girl in the picture. I loved playing with boy-toys (not the adult kind) like matchbox cars and trucks! I never had a big toy like that like one of those hotwheels cars! I feel utterly deprived!

  5. have i told you lately how much i PUFFY heart you???

    honey where in the world can i get one!!

    seriously i am emailing the link to hubby asap!!


  6. How cute that you thought of Amanda! :) She is funny with driving those isn't she?

    Just to tell you that our son has one alot like that as well, and there have been occupied hours spent in our sandbox. Get ready for fun at your house! :)


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