Friday, August 22, 2008

How does it know?

All summer the AC units (yes yes I'm up here in the land of no central air) have worked fine.

Now on flyboy's most recent trip the one in the bedroom is on the fritz. It's not a major deal luckily the weather is a tad on the cool side, I hope it last.

But I'm frustrated because, hows this for coincidence, I noticed right as he flew over our house off to another time zone.

So I'm curious... what's recently gone wrong in your house while hubs has been away? And how perfect is the timing?


  1. I think that is just perfect that it crashed right as he flew over the house! It always happens to me too, as soon as my husband leaves, something breaks! Military Murphy's Law that never fails! At this point, I almost wouldn't feel right if something didn't break when my husband is away.

  2. Tropical Storm Fay for us this time. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad where we are (except for losing a day of school).

  3. During Iraq, Part I, I lost a dryer, but decided to replace washer so I could keep them the same age. Hey, my mom always did it that way, so I did too. Two weeks later ye old fridge bit the dust. I had an outdoor freezer and was able to save my wedding cake top (at that time it had been in there 8 yrs. We still have it and it turned 11 in May) and the ice-cream. Hey, Ben and Jerry's is the good stuff.

    Glad it's cool and I dig it everytime you talk about Flyboy flying over. I even told the husband about him "waving" at you guys and asked the husband why can't he do something exciting like that. His reply was 1. They won't let him take the Bradleys home and 2. He thought I'd be pissed if he knocked on the door with the 25mm machine gun and scratched the paint.

  4. Isnt that always the way. Like when you take the kids to the doc and they stop coughing

  5. Oh, mygranny...I did a post about that a little while back...
    the question SHOULD be what DIDN'T go wrong?!? Finances, broken bones, hemorrhaging mom (that would be me!), broken windshield, broken washer, and threats from other times...all in one little four-month package...


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