Friday, August 22, 2008

Road trip for mamas!

And the price of gas doesn't matter!

Mommy Community is turning 5 so what better way to celebrate then a road trip. Road trip bloggy style that is. No worrying about spilled sippy cups in the car or having to stop for a little one to pee when you just zipped by the last rest stop for 40 miles. Just click and take the chance to hop around and visit a ton of funny mommy blogs.

How could they not be funny we're all walking around with cheerios on our butts!


  1. LOL

    How fun! And, I didn't know my cheerio butt was showing.

  2. It's always showing! For all of us... its part of our charm.

  3. k, I'm going to find the cheerios and stick one on my butt--just for old time's sake. Who knows? Maybe I will become charming too!

    Hugs and happy five.


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