Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just another day

Does anyone else feel like weekends flying solo (well kiddies of course) just seem different?

I'm not sure why. Really at this age everyday is the same. Its not like the kids say, "oh nice the weekend is here, think I'll sleep till 10". Of course I would think 8 was sleeping in, I'm not picky. Really there are some weeks that I don't even realize its the weekend until I notice there isn't any Sesame Street on.

Man if they start running that on the weekends I'm screwed. I'll be all kinds of confused.

Maybe it's because when I go out to the store you see moms and dads and quite frankly I just get a little lonely. Very cheesy, I know. I'm baring my soul to you all dammit.

I don't know what it is, but weekends like this always feel different.


  1. I totally feel this way too since I don't have a job yet and K is deployed. I never know what freaking day it is, unless the grass is ridiculously long - then I figure its a weekend since I mow it every weekend. Otherwise, its like "hmm...well, today was JUST like the past 35". Groundhog's Day, anyone?

  2. It definitely does feel different. B has been TDY since yesterday morning. Its so weird not waking up with him. 26 more days of this feeling.

    Bah, thats not that long, I shouldnt be complaining, I just miss him.

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    The patience charm can be put on a bracelet!


  4. Weekends really bring home that you're single-parenting. During the week, you could go out and see other moms out with their kids but you didn't usually see the dads, so all seems normal. Weekends were always hard during Stretch's last deployment if I didn't have a plan (usually didn't).

  5. HaHa! I would so rather go to the store by myself! :)
    Thanks for your visit!

  6. I know its the weekend when I don't have to get up ass early and deal with idiots :)
    I could see where seeing everyone else together would make you feel a bit lonely. I'm always here if you need to vent or just talk :)
    Miss you!

  7. I actually have that when I'm in the sunny place. I'm pretty good during the week, but when it's the weekend it hits home that I'm not where Lt Dan is nor he here. So, yeah, weekends really are different.


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