Saturday, August 9, 2008

Handy Tip #3

My husband cringes when he sees stickers. In fact he would prefer me not to bring them in the house. For many things I respect his wishes but honestly, this one is just silly. That and the kids use stickers supervised.

For the most part.

Cut to last week, we had a little itty bitty sticker incident. Again with dash-2. He's at that age and he's just the sneaky one in the bunch. I feel I should add that I do indeed watch my children but their quick little boys.

The offense? He got a sticker stuck on a cabinet in the kitchen. Holy crap my heart skipped a beat, flyboy would DIE. This would make the monitor incident look like nothing.

So what removes stickers with no problem you ask? Well you could just scrap it but then you have that white sticky residue. So rub some mayonnaise on the sticker, liberally, very liberally. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then just easily scrap it and all the residue right off.

Oh and keep your kids who are allergic to eggs out of the room while you use the mayonnaise.

The sticker is gone and flyboy is none the wiser.


  1. I've used vegetable oil for stickers, but the mayo is probably easier to work with.

  2. Perhaps you should turn these tips into a book? Just a thought. :)

  3. Anything oil based works great for removing stickers. I use Orange Glo. You know the furniture cleaner stuff? It works awesome for stickers. I use it when I buy new items like dishes, glasses or vases that have prices stickers on them and it works great! I am sure the mayo worked well because it is mainly vegetable oil based.

  4. OOPs, sorry for the double post. I usually use and old rag or a cotton ball to apply it! HUGS!

  5. As soon as I'm done on the computer, I'm running upstairs with our mayo to see if it works on our closet door mirrors. My husband already knows about them (there are now five), but he comments every gosh darn day.

  6. I'm counting my blessing that my son really doesn't like sticker - it's almost like some wierd aversion :)

    Note to self on mayo, for the second child though :)

  7. mayo??


    that's crazy!!

  8. I wonder if that would work on the sticky stuff left on my floors from the builders covering them with taped down paper during the last stage of building. I've tried every goo be gone kind of thing I can find and none of it has worked yet. The kitchen I got pretty much clear, the utility room and foyer, well, I covered that with rugs and I'm trying to ignore it. I'll try it, if it works I'm going to Sam's and buy a mega thing of mayo!!


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