Sunday, August 24, 2008

dental woes

I hate the dentist. Nothing against them personally, I actually have a cousin who is one. But the profession... ick. Something about it just weirds me out. If I can avoid going I do. I realize that this is not exactly the most mature thing but hey its working for me.

I have found that the one thing more stressful then having to go to the dentist is having to take Dash-1.

I feel kinda like I'm leading a little fluffy lamb to slaughter. Perhaps a bit dramatic. I might be projecting just a smidge of my issues on him.

And I didn't tell him that we were going on an adventure. I used that one for his last round of allergy testing he just had. He's upset over that.

I told him we were going to the dentist tomorrow. I didn't tell him that they were going to sedate him and then drill into his teeth. I thought it best to leave that part out.

He informed me that he will not be going.

I told him he would get a new tooth brush.

He told me and I quote, "Try again." Obviously I use this phrase too much.

I told him he could get a new airplane.

He told me, "Is it going to be as big as daddy's?" Point taken little one.

He's not thrilled about going because he thinks they might do something. I feel bad because I know they are going to do something. If this was me I would have spent all day worrying about it, my little dash-1 oblivious to it spent the day rolling around in the dirt pile next to the barn. No worries at all.

On a semi-related note I'm also a little worried about dash-2. Thankfully a dear friend is going to watch the littlest one but she just moved back and while Dash-2 has met her a few times I am nervous about just dropping and running. Which I'm going to have to do because they have to do dash-1's sedation in the first am slot.

What kinda of damage might this have on his little psyche?

Again perhaps a bit dramatic. And worse comes to worse we can always divert some of the money in their college fund for therapy. That's always been our backup plan. We thought it best to have one.

Oh and flyboy called yesterday looking for some sympathy. They canceled their flying for the day/night so all he had nothing to do but sit around and read.

You know what I have to say to that... bite me dear.


  1. Oh to have nothing to do but sit around read. Bliss!

    Hope it goes ok tomorrow. I hate the dentist too.

  2. Let me guess, he's "so bored" just sitting around reading, right? I've heard that one before. It's a hard life sitting around the PAX terminal waiting for your flight. boo-hoo. *wink*

    I hate the dentist too! In fact I'm a year behind on my cleanings again because I hate it so much. I'm so bad.

    I hope Dash-1 does better than I usually do in the chair. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Nothing to do but sit around and read?


    I need to go to the dentist. I know I do. I haven't had my teeth cleaned since 2000.

    But...I. don't. want. to. go.

  4. Listen everyone - GO TO THE DENTIST!! I skipped for like 3 years after college, and then had to go in for emergency treatment when a bad cavity caused one of my teeth to crack in half. This was followed by several months of visits for a root canal, crown placement, and then more work on another tooth with a cavity that had gotten super-big during my hiatus from the dentist.

    OK, rant over. Just know that they are right when they say to do the preventative stuff to ward off the suckier stuff!

    As for the Dashes, I predict that Dash-2 will be thrilled with the change of scenery and barely notice that you're gone. :)

    And Dash-1 will be mad at you, and develop a life-long hatred of the dentist. But what kid doesn't hate the dentist? Even when I was a teenager and could drive, I still made my mom drive me to my dentist appointment because I just couldn't make myself go. hehe :)

  5. have fun love
    i will be available for moral support if needed.


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