Sunday, August 31, 2008

The gas crisis knows no bounds

I was scrolling down the page at Fox News checking out the day's stories and something caught my attention.

Feel this man's pain.

His suffering is simply palpable. I shed a tear while reading that article. Actually I shed a few tears.

What was I thinking, not taking into account how these high gas prices are affecting everyone?

How selfish I had been thinking only of myself as gas hit $4.42 a month and a half ago or as I did some calculations and realized we could possibly spend $5,500 to heat our house with oil this winter. We are all having to make cuts here and there, we are all suffering....oh bite me.

You have to fly commercial. Just like I'm lucky to have a home to have to worry about heating, please cry me a river about having to park your private jet and realize that compared to oh just about everyone else in the country your angst is nothing.

Dear goodness I hope he did that all in jest.


  1. Oh boo-hoo. What a jerk to even begin to complain about his poor private jet when there are families out there that can barely feed their families.

    Although, I don't know why this would surprise anyone. A man who calls himself "Ditty" has issues to begin with, lol.

  2. Snark!

    Yeah...some have to suffer SO much....sheesh.

  3. LMAO! That was just pathetic of him.

  4. Poor guy...or something. :)

    p.s. I left you an award at my place!

  5. Me too I need a place to park my private just dont understand the pain :)

  6. oh diddy...

    what will you say next??

    beyond silly friend :)

  7. oh, i have the same thoughts all the time. it's all perspective!


  8. I feel his pain, I hope his jet goes up in flames. Oooppps! did I say that out loud?

  9. That man is such an ass. Sorry - I don't think I could have put it any nicer. Just a world class knukleheaded ass.

    Did you see his other video? Where he was slamming Sarah Palin? LOL, oh that was great! Total moron.



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