Monday, August 11, 2008

Rain... rain... and more rain

That sums up the past few days.

Driving home yesterday we got caught in a horrible storm just as we were crossing the Delaware Bridge. Golf ball size hail for almost an hour. It was delightful. But I will say, Saturn, that whole plastic car idea. Fantastic! Not a ding in sight.

Both flyboy and I aren't huge fans of driving in weather like that, he kept mentioning several times that he would rather be flying around the sandbox then driving in that. (Of course come to think of it he said that while we were visiting my extended family too.....)

We pulled over at one of the rest stops to try to figure out what the weather was doing and wait out the worst of it. Another shout out, Verizon, Internet anywhere, Brilliant! No more will I mumble when I pay the bill every month, well I'll grumble less.

For those of you not familiar with the Jersey Turnpike its three lanes both directions, pretty typical major road. Well cars were stopping IN THE ROAD under the over passes to avoid the rain. Again, I don't enjoy driving in that kinda weather but isn't just randomly stopping in the middle of a major road kinda dangerous? Just a bit?

And let me tell you there were some pissed off people who were laying on their horns (my husband included) one guy even stuck his head out the window to yell, all while being pelted by hail. It was actually kinda amusing. Note to self, do not slow down New Jersians on the roadway. But seriously in the name of safety, pull over on the shoulder, not every other over pass between there and Exit 3.

Other then a lot of extra time spent in the car it was a nice weekend. It was nice to see everyone and the boys got to see a lot of extended for the first time and after all that driving, what will probably be the last time for a while! At least if flyboy has a vote....


  1. What crazy weather! I hate driving in stuff like that too. Glad you guys made it back safely in spite of all that though.

  2. I hate, hate, hate driving in rain like that. Makes me need a massage I get so tense!!!

    Glad you went & visited your family though. I'm sure everyone was beyond pleased to see you & your family!

  3. Welcome back and glad you are all safely home!

    Your description of the turnpike and the people on it--I have lived that and it is so NOT FUN. I still laughed and I could just see the guy sticking his head out the window in the hail. ;)

  4. This weather has been insane. I'm so looking forward to some sunshine this weekend. I so need it, of all weekends, please let this be the one where the sun shines.

    Welcome back!

  5. Ha! The Jersey turnpike is fun!
    Actually I hate it and always make J drive it when I can. You're right: born and bred New Jersians are not exactly patient on the road, lol. I cant imagine making that drive in bad weather. Poor you!

  6. Glad you had more fun with your family than I did with mine :(

  7. I got caught in it on foot. Pretty scary

  8. Ugh! The weather was terrible here too. I had never seen hail. So this was a first for me.

  9. oh the jersey turnpike...good times.

    sorry for the uck drive but glad you made the big trek :)


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