Monday, August 4, 2008

Extremely handy hint

I've been meaning to post this hint for a couple days now. Don't you hate it when you get some butter (or Smart Balance in this house) or some other type of grease stain on a shirt and its there for life?

Well no more.

Rub a little bit of plain old shampoo on the stain and then run them thru the wash like normal. Simple as that. And let me tell you my very cute, very comfy, brand new under armour shorts are good as new.

I always have some plain old el cheapo clarifying shampoo (1.97 for the Suave stuff) aruond and that's what I used. I'd be a little nervous about using some of the fancier stuff with more things added. And I'm not sure how great this hint would be on expensive fabrics. Please dont try on silk then come looking for me!


  1. are these the pink ones??
    Darling :)

  2. Excellent tip! I'll have to write this down.

  3. Very good to know! Since I can't seem to eat without getting a grease stain somewhere (even when its not greasy food, I still manage it) this will come in quite handy.

  4. I have grease stains on almost all of my shirts from being stupid and not wearing an apron when I cook. I'll definitely give this a try!

  5. Stretch once got pork grease all down his khaki pant leg (how does one not feel that much grease on your pants?!) while at one of those sit on the floor restaurants in Korea. What worked, and this is bizarre, baking soda to soak up as much grease as possible, followed by WD-40 (apparently you fight grease with grease?) and dish soap (I think it was Dawn).


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