Monday, August 18, 2008

Anyone else do this?

Our camera crapped out on me a few weeks ago. I was trying to get by using the old one but the reason I had a new one was because the old one was on its last leg.

So I decided to get one with a little more fire power, something quicker and with few more bells and whistles then my little pocket one. I started looking around online... two weeks ago. I wanted to find the best deal. Seems simple.

I found myself going in circle after circle making myself crazy.

I do this with everything, big, little, doesn't matter. I waste hours and hours of time to save a couple bucks, if that. And I usually always end up ordering it from the first place I saw it.

I finally took the plunge last night and ordered it. I got it from one store, the battery from another, the bag from another.... all to save a buck.

Flyboy made a joke once about me having a boyfriend when he was gone. As if I'd have the time or energy after chasing the boys all day and going in bargain circles at night. If only he knew just what I did when he was away....


  1. totally guilty of this as well.

    i know it annoys the husband to no end bc i too end up right back where i started.

    but there is something about looking forever that makes me feel better about the purchase.

    when will we learn?

  2. I do this too! It must be the fear that I'll make an impulse purchase only to find the same thing for much less later.

  3. Yeah, that's me, but mine is always followed by an unhealthy dose of buyer's remorse. Took me weeks to buy my new camera and weigh pros/cons and from where to buy, what to buy with it, online or at a store. Six weeks later and I still feel guilty.

    It's the voices in my head.

  4. pot and kettle- oh I feel guilty too. even though it's very much justified. With two little ones growing so quick how could we not have a camera? but yet... its eating at me. I feel so bad. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that too!

  5. Guilty!

    Umm...I just so happen to be in the market for a camera as well and I like reviews and referrals to help me through the days of internet searching. So what did you finally go with? And why? :)

  6. I sort of do....I mean, I spend the time online searching for items, but most of the time, it's because I want several things and no store has them all. I will search for hours in order to be able to get everything in ONE place; I always hope I get the best deal, lol!

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