Friday, January 1, 2010

lets play a game

Here's to a new year!

I could write a whole post about resolutions and what not but when your main resolution is to lose weight and work on being an all together better person there isn't much room for too much humor. Word on the street is that fat rolls aren't funny.


So why not take a different take on the year. Lets play a game of "In 2010 should there be more, less or eh what do I care of -----".

Blogging- MORE! I love writing and I love reading them. I love how the people who I peeked in on and observed from the other end of a computer are now friends.

Oh and in a very happy note, my wonderful parents got me a fantastic little netbook so I am back to blogging after hours in my jammies. Well with the kiddos allow. Netbook or no netbook they still rule the roost.

Birthdays together as a family- MORE! The last birthday of mine that flyboy was present for was when I turned 18 {on my last birthday I turned 29}, he's only been here for one of dash-1's birthdays {it was his first and he'll be five this year}, he's about fifty fifty on his, and he's 2 for 3 with dash 2.

This year I would like him here for every one's birthday. Or at least the boys. All three of them.

Skinny jeans- LESS! I would love it if this trend would just end now. RIGHT. NOW. Any luck?

{You never know I was starting to think that my mere suggestion had some magical powers since all the nasty purse comments keep telling me that I seem to think my opinion can change things. I don't. Move on people. sorry that was a side note.}

Back to the skinny jeans I kinda get it for women and hats off to you gals who can pull it off but I personally just see far to many people who cant. At all. And is that really a style that young girls or guys should even be going for?

{side note... I wonder if I'm going to get a bunch of pro skinny jean hate mail now....}

Mid drift shirts- LESS! Now I know someone out there is reading this and thinking "wow she doesn't like skinny jeans or mid drift shirts I betcha she's jealous" Hardly. Those people who can pull both off work darn hard for it and probably eat a diet similar to a rabbits, again hats off to you people. My problem is the people who don't and wear both loud and proud.

{Check out people of walmart to see many prime examples of what I'm talking about}

I don't want to see my own belly jiggle, I certainly don't want to see anyone elses. Finally after decades cant we just let this trend rest?

hilarious websites- MORE! whether it be people of walmart, awkward family photos, failblog, I can't get enough of these sites. HILARIOUS. {I don't even know which one is the funniest, they are all just compilations of great trainwrecks.}

Mr. Yuck stickers- MORE! You know those green stickers from when we were kids with the really sour face on them. We went around the kitchen sticking them on some things tonight and it was delightful.

I'm pretty sure I'm a little odd for enjoying that but it was liberating to be sticking a sticker on something that wasn't paper. It was like rule breaking with a cause. I'm going to go ape shit Mr. Yuck sticker crazy with the boys on the rest of the house tomorrow. And on the next family visit to my parents I'm going to do their house. It's a rush.

If any of you out there haven't tried this with your kids get, don't walk, run to get some Mr. Yuck stickers and give it a whirl. DELIGHTFUL.

Crocs - these would have to go under the why should I care category. I get it some people hate them, actually I know some who have moved on from and graduated to loathing, while I'm not a huge fan of them I don't so much care.

Although I do find them a little weird when I see guys at the PX wearing them. I guess I find it strange that in some closet somewhere are a pair of combat boots and crocs sharing closet space.

Un1form purses- why should I care. Yeah that's right, big momma is tossing this one on the list. I feel like I'm living on the dangerous side bring this topic up again but really, I could do all of 2010 without seeing one of these. {I betcha you thought I was going to say LESS, ha, I fooled you all. And I'm showing personal growth, see I'm working on my resolution.}

But again I'm just going to say, this is my piddly humble opinion, if you feel about un1form purses the way I do about Mr. Yuck {in case you didn't get the gist I *heart* Mr. Yuck} then by all means, embrace them and wear them proudly.

Text messaging- MORE MORE! I'm on the texting bandwagon and I love it. Much like Mr. Yuck I *heart* my blackberry. I'm so into it I've even thought about twittering. But well then I realize that a. no one would care what I have to say and b. well.... a sums it up.

Global warming hoopla- LESS! Look we recycle all of our glass, plastics, cans, cardboard, I mean really we take bags of recycling, more of it then actual trash. Oh and we have a compost pile.
So, my point, I would love for the hollywood and/or political fatcats who live in houses 15 times the size of mine and fly private jets and drive with an entourage of 1o SUV's to get off my back about me wanting to have a high wattage light bulbs {and not those pricey weird shaped ones, I like me the high power old fashion bad ones} in my house.

Kisses and hugs- MORE! From my husband and my kiddos that is, more hugs and kisses from strangers would just be weird.

I know there is more, perhaps this game will pop back up at some point. For now these will have to do, but what's your top more, less, or why do I care for 2010? Do share do share!


  1. I forgot all about the Mr Yuck stickers! Where did you find those! OMG, they bring back so many memories!! Oh and I would LOVE skinny jeans to fade out!! It is getting impossible to find jeans for my 6 year old that don't show her butt crack when she bends over! UGH!!!! So I am adding low rise to this. You don't have to wear grandma jeans, but I don't want to see buttcrack either!! I LOVE this post!

  2. I agree with more blogging! I just can't get enough blogs! Plus, I want to hear more about this Netbook! I want to hear a review from someone who has one!

    Plus, I THANK YOU for the global warming comment! We recycle everything, I feel HUGE guilt for throwing things away. I also live in a 1000sq ft duplex. I am playing my part!

  3. I recently started blogging and just purchased a netbook! I love it. It feeds into my blogging addiction even more!

  4. More blogging! And more blog friends! I always feel super cool when I'm talking to my husband and I say something like "the Mrs. says.... " about whatever we're talking about. Because we're buddies.

    Oh! Oh! I have one. LESS debt.

  5. I used to love Mr. Yuck stickers, but they didn't prevent me from eating a bottle of baby asprin.

    Em LOVES skinny jeans.

    I love blogging, blogs, and my blog friends!

    I used to heat crocs, but when I was teaching last year, I fell in love with them. They helped me be able to be on my feet all day and chase second graders.

    I need to recycle more....but hey, I used cloth diapers with Junior for almost two years, that has to make up for the plethora of plastic and glass that I have thrown away!

  6. Living in Europe, there are no non-skinny jeans. I never thought I would, but I gave in to the trend. Call it country-wide-peer-pressure. Heck, yesterday I even wore skinny jeans and Uggs. Shoot me now.

    Now the purses, I just don't agree. What do you have against those beautiful things? I mean, they let me be close to my husband when he's away (I also carry some of his underwear for the same reason). But, perhaps even more importantly, they allow me to display his rank to anyone I may meet. I mean, they need to know so they can give me the proper respect. Maybe I'll send you one, with a red stripe or two, and change your mind.

  7. Always yes to more blogging! I have to admit that i do love skinny jeans...but I also agree that there are waaaay too many people who shouldn't wear them that do. And I'm with away with those purses!

  8. Yay to more blogging ! :-)
    I like skinny jeans. I just can't wear them myself. Even when I was "skinny" I couldn't - my calves were too big from some of my sports activities
    Belly Shirts - I felt so old the day I had to explain to my staff that belly shirts and low cut jeans that let me see the crack of their bum were NOT appropriate for work.
    Birthdays Together - all the best. I know it is not working for us this year, but it would be an awesome accomplishment!
    All the best to you in 2010, my bloggy-friend.

  9. GREAT LIST! I am totally on board with your getting rid of skinny jeans. It really creeps me out when I see guys wearing them...and people who can barely fit into them. YUCK!

    And thank you for commenting on global warming. I'm over that crap too. If anyone would bother to look back at pre-industrial history they would notice that the Earth pulls these stunts on its own, with or without our help. We recycle, try to eat local produce, and try to conserve energy but you can only do so much.

  10. Loved this....and I agree totally about the midriff tops and skinny jeans...and I swear it's not because I'm preggo and can't pull it off myself!

  11. I love the Mr. Yuck stickers too! Totally miss them! And I am with you on the skinny jeans and midriff tops...enough already!

  12. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

  13. I agree with the crocs. Although I wear them to work. I also wear scrubs. For nurses and medical staff who are wearing scrubs I think they are great and comfortable.

    Outside of this..I couldn't do it.

  14. txt me more more more i love txting


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