Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ten thing tuesday {randomness from me!}

10 things I haven't blogged about {and probably for good reason}

1. I signed up dash-1 for Little League this week, when I mentioned his food allergy the old man who was registering us he had an "oh boy" look. I started to wonder if coaches would see the form and think "good Lord the last thing we need is one of those peanut kids on the team" are people going to see this as just a hassle for the next decade and a half of schooling and organized sports?

{I did point out that since he's a mere five years old and can't drive or cross the streets by himself, there would always be a parent and/or responsible adult for him at a game and would manage his epi pens. }

2. I've hit the hibernation point of the winter. That point where, the holidays are over but winter is not. Its still ass cold to go out and do stuff making it hard to motivate to lose the pounds from the holiday. This is made worse by the last couple baby pounds.

Leftover baby pounds meet holiday weight gain. But don't bother getting to well acquainted. I've reached my limit and I'm thinking that its time to go back to WW, I really liked it the first time around, I found it easy to follow and it really was more of a lifestyle change rather then a diet.

Until I got pregnant. And now its time to lose those last ten pounds all over again.

3. Why does dash-3 wait until after I've changed his diaper to poo? Does he like a fresh slate to design in or what? Along the same lines, why is it that dash-2 can go all day accident free and despite being proactive and sitting on the potty to poop before bed, does he prefer to wait until 8:15 pm to poop.

4. High speed chases. I don't get them. Why do they get top billing on the news. I mean I can understand if they are happening in the local viewing area, but a high speed chase in Las Vegas, is that really news to the rest of the country.

No, no its not.

And whats the point of a high speed chase? Eventually you will run out of gas or road. You will be caught and that too will be on tv. And you will probably look like a tool.

5. The State of the Union is on Wednesday. I can't say I'm going to be on the edge of my seat watching but I'll probably have it on. You know what they could do to make it more interesting? Have VP Biden give it. Off the cuff.

That, my friends, would be prime time viewing.

6. My kids, despite having giant heads and looking kinda big are really not. Most babies wear up a size or two not so much in our house. Dash-3 is 4 1/2 months but he's wearing 3 month pants and 3-6 month sleepers. All the dash boys were this way.

Today I was trying to find something to put him in and I pulled out an outfit someone gave him, its 9 months but it looks like dash-2 could wear it. When I pulled it out I said "wow, 9 mths" and then dash-1 said it... the very thing flyboy and I have been saying since we had him almost five years ago.

"I'd hate to run into that 9 mth old in an alley."

I love it when they quote us. Well so long as it doesn't involve curse words.

7. Dash-1 turns five next month. He's going to have his first birthday party to celebrate!

Exciting huh?

Yeah, I'm freaking out over it. Who to invite, where to have it, what day {as you all can relate trying to figure out flyboy's schedule and what not is not always easy peasy}

We are having it at a kids play place {flyboy wanted to have it at a sledding, tubing park but there is a high requirement} options are limited for winter birthdays up here in the icy tundra. The invitations went out this weekend and now I'm just getting little things together.

And hoping that kids come. What if no one comes? I must say, a kids birthday party is more stressful then planning my wedding.

8. My google dashboard has a mind of its own. Blogs I follow aren't getting updated. I'll realize I haven't seen anything new from someone, go check out their page from my sidebar and realize that they have a week of new post.

Dashboard.... you're failing me.

9. So twitter.

{In case anyone didn't get the memo you can find me here!}

I'm a bit undecided on it. Or rather I'm still trying to figure it out. I've found some interesting stuff and very nice people on it. But I don't really update constantly thru out the day because, well, are there really people out there who care if I snagged my sock on my wood floors? So I'm trying to find the happy medium.

And a lunch table to sit at. {You know when you show up on the first day and it seem like everyone already has their lunch table figured out, that's kinda what twitter seems like.}

10. Hmmmm one more thing. Any thing. Ummmmm For once, I am speechless. I certainly haven't ever blogged about that before.


  1. Good luck with the birthday party planning -- I wouldn't know where to begin. My birthday parties growing up were always big extended family affairs, owing at least partially to the fact that one of my uncles shares my birthday. I think I only had one non-family B-day party where we invited a few friends over; other than that, it was me and my "birthday buddy" and the rest of the relatives.

  2. I get the whole lunch table thing... blogger is kinda like that too

  3. For Little League, do the kids have to do snacks? That used to make me CRAZY....could be they are worried because other parents will be sending snacks and may not be aware of dash' allergies?

    For kids birthdays....I always made ice cream cone cupcakes...kids loved them, easy to deal with (no cupcake paper or plates to deal with)and unique. My son is 24 and still wants me to make them for his birthday!!!

  4. Why would a peanut allergy involve little league?
    I'm lost on that one.

  5. Food allergies are an issue because parents take turns bringing snacks for the games. But it is NO BIG DEAL! My daughter has played two seasons of soccer and had two team mates with allergies. It was fine and not a soul complained (that I know of). :) We are all parents (even the coaches) so we understand, or at least we should!

  6. Have you seen the Obama drinking game for the SOTU? http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#/obamadrinkinggame?ref=nf

    Good stuff.

  7. You crack me up. I've been on Twitter for like 2 or 3 weeks. If you just jump in, you'll end up finding your table ;) I'll make room for you!

  8. Junior waits till he has been in his room for about 15 minutes every night and then he poops too. They must be related.

    On a side note, we had a kid in Em's 2nd grade class, and she got up at meet the teacher night and explained her son's allergies and how he just wanted to be included, and all of us really made a point to make sure that everything that was brought was something we could eat. So they didn't have cupcakes for birthdays, but they did have popcorn, or at the carnival we all brought in candies that he could have, etc. It worked out really well.

    I remember a story about a married couple that was deathly allergic to a few things, so much that they had to hire someone to go to the grocery store for them. Can't imagine.

  9. I'm sure your party planning will go off without a hitch and you'll have bunches of other 5 year olds running around!

  10. I'm right there with you on #2. I don't want to leave the house at all. It's so cold out!

    Yay...glad you're on twitter!


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