Sunday, January 24, 2010

wining and losing and why I'm siding with farve {not rooting but siding with}

I'm not really a follower of football. I mean when the Giants are playing I'll watch but I'm not really up to speed on a lot of what happens in the sport, so when I saw an article in the Sunday paper about a last minute touchdown being unsportsmanlike conduct I was intrigued.

And annoyed. But then again a lot of stuff annoys me.

I asked flyboy about it and googled it to get the whole story. Here's the very much abbreviated version, after the 2 minute warning, with the Vikings leading 27-3 over Dallas Bret "I keep retiring" Farve threw a touchdown pass.

The point of the article I read today in our local paper was how it was an unnecessary pass to score, how they should have run the ball and ran out the clock rather then scoring what wasn't a needed touchdown. That scoring was unsportsmanlike conduct.

Really? Cause I thought it was what everyone on that field was paid to do.

Well except the Dallas defense but clearly they were phoning it in that day. Well for that matter so was the Dallas offense.

Let me say it again.... Really?! This is just a small snapshot of what the hell is wrong with society right now and why our kids are growing up to be spoiled, self-righteous brats.

Bret Farve was signed for about 12 million this season and about 13 million for next season.

Tony Romo's contract with Dallas was something like 67 million for 6 years with 30 million guaranteed. AND about he's signed something like a 10 million dollar contract with Starter and lord knows what other money he has coming in that I'm not wasting my time googeling about.

So my point here,that's some serious money. Money that they are paid to go out and play decent, no I take that back for that amount, they are expected to play some damn near awesome football. The organization's expect points on the board and to make it to the playoffs. Not for the other team to be polite and just stop scoring.

What are we 5 here people?

I just signed dash-1 up for Little League this weekend. This is our first time with organized sports since flyboy and I played when we were in high school. We were told that there is no keeping score.

I'm ok with this, at this age (he's in a 5-7 league) it really is about getting down fundamentals and figuring out the rules.

Flyboy is not ok with this and has begun searching around on the internet for his own flipboard scoreboard. He's informed me he'll sit down in the outfield if he has to in order to keep score.

Like I said, I'm ok with it but damn it I want to start keeping score someone is actually pitching him the ball and the tee has been retired.

What's wrong with teaching our kids that there are winners and losers in life. Sometimes you work really hard and win, sometimes you don't work so hard and you lose, and perhaps the most important lesson is that sometimes you work really hard and you still lose.

Teaching our kids how to win like good sportsman is important but teaching them how to lose is just as important, if not more so. And I think we are failing our kids now days by adopting this "everyone is a winner" attitude.

Sometimes we race in the yard and sometimes dash-1 and dash-2 are seriously hauling ass so I let them win. But more often then not {and more often then not its flyboy racing them since well, I was pregnant for most of last year} flyboy will win. And he always tells them the same thing, "you don't win every time and next time you'll try harder".

Dash-1 doesn't always take it so well, but our job as parents is to teach him. Teach him how to win and lose with grace and sportsmanship.

{Hmmm this appears to be a reoccurring theme in parenthood. And an equally lacking theme in society now days.}

The answer isn't to take anything away from the winner. Unless of course he's playing tee ball with some 6 year old who looks like Mark McGuire and has clearly been doping, then I want a roid test.

Quite simply, you win some, you lose some. Some are close, some are blow outs. You can be crushed by a blow out but it's how you recover from the blow out that matters.

And trying to make professional athletes into bad guys because they did what they are paid {large large sums of money} to do is ridiculous.

Frankly for what they are paid they should be scoring a hell of a lot more.


  1. I totally agree with you. They are paid for 60 minutes of football and they should play as if every minute is important!

  2. Amen amen amen! This is seeping its way into education, too! I can't tell you how many times I have to coddle HIGH SCHOOL kids because of their grades. Look, you don't get a pat on the back and an A+ every time in life for every little thing you try (or kinda try) to do. You earn it, or you don't. If everyone's a winner, how do we ever teach kids how to earn it? And how do we ever teach them that they will not always be the best at everything they try? We're hurting them if we don't do that! We're doing them a huge disservice! I totally agree with you!

  3. Yep, I totally agree.

    I know every mom wants their kids to succeed, but sometimes {okay, a lot of times!} you learn more from failing and trying again. I think our society has forgotten about evidenced by our last presidential election. Everyone wants it to be easy, people have forgotten what hard work and overcoming obstacles is all about!!

  4. I agree too. Since when are grown men such big babies?? And why is it not ok for one team (Vikings) but ok for another team to do it (Hello Saints vs. Cardinals)? I thought that was so strange when they announcers started going crazy about it.

  5. Holy cow! I am reading and trying to watch the game right now... but I agree! I was watching the game (I am from Minnesota!) when this happened, and I didn't even realize at first what the hell they were talking about after the game! My thoughts exactly, what, does everyone get to go home with a trophy in the NFL now? age 5 indeed! If you can score, you should, that's kinda what's supposed to happen LOL. And now I must go since my guys are up next, "Skol, Vikings!"

  6. Im a first time commenter but have read your blog before. The husband and I are die hard Cowboy fans, born and raised in Dallas (displaced due to the military) and WE completely agree with you. It comes off as childish calling it unsportsman like. In every huddle are they going to have to talk about now what the media is going to call it the next day? That is what they are paid to do, play football, not play until they think they've won and not give up so they don't score anymore points just to be nice.

  7. I watched the Vikings and Cowboys game (and cheered for the Cowboys) and wasn't upset with Farve throwing that last TD. Heck, that is what I would do!! And you are so right on the kids and the whole loosing thing. My daughter is so quick to throw a fit if she looses. I am quick to tell her that you don't learn anything if you always win. She will thank me one day!! She played soccer last year and they didn't keep score, but all the parents know the score! LOL!!

  8. I recently read a book that talked about how all this generalized praise that people dole out to their kids these days is actually teaching them to not try hard, which is very similar to what you're talking about here. It totally pulled me up short and made me think a lot about how we do and don't encourage our boys.

    Parenting wisdom today is that you have to praise your kids endlessly, let them win all the time, and somehow that will turn them into productive citizens. I think, though, that it's really not working too well.

    Now, if Favre was walking around throwing the win in their faces, sure, he's got some bad sportsmanship, but throwing a final touchdown is not part of that. It's just playing a good game.

  9. I was always told that kids don't get injured in organized sports until the parents are involved. So I would take under consideration that perhaps they don't keep score because that might minimize the pressure parents put on their child to win and thus minimize the number of injuries they get.

  10. I so love this post... mostly because I'm a Green Bay fan, (and so that means mostly a Brett fan too!), and Pave is a Cowboys fan. I'm just hoping that Brett can win this years Super Bowl, and he can retire, and then we can forget about these last two years and just be friends again! Good luck with scoring the 'non scoring' little league game! :)

  11. In total agreement! James Bond and I live in the land of the Cowboys, and every time they lose we do a big ole happy dance. That last game when they lost to the Vikings was totally ridiculous. They were being unsportsmanlike and shot themselves in the foot! Stop the whining already, when you make WAY more than our husbands EVER will and you play a SPORT!!

    We are also not fans of the little league teams where EVERYONE gets a trophy either. Why should everyone be rewarded, like you said there are winners and losers. I mean yes, at the younger level it is not about winning but more about fundamentals but still my kid doesn't need a trophy for that.
    Good luck with little league!

  12. I will admit: I got lost in this post. I read about football, thought about the game last night-Peyton manning, then I thought of the NYGiants, then I thought Eli Manning...then I started to drool.

    Sorry, I digress

  13. we were confused about this too. I mean, if they had hopped all around the field celebrating like that touchdown was an OT tiebreaker or something when really it was way beyond insurance points, maybe then I get it. It sounded to me more like Dallas was being a bunch of crappy losers. If their defense hadn't have sucked so bad, there wouldn't have been a touchdown in the first place. Football drives me crazy anyway, though.

    I agree with you on the little league stuff. The league we coached in had kids that young and we kept score. There were all kinds of mercy rules so the games didn't get too ridiculous. But I think it was important to the kids to see that they could contribute to their team. It made them feel good to know they saved the run that could have cost them the game and things like that. I showed them their batting averages and we talked about how they'd stack up against real players--it helps in baseball that even the really good guys don't get a hit 70% of the time. We'd reinforce their math skills AND add to their self confidence as they watched their stats go up. It doesn't make sense to me to teach them all these other rules of the game and NOT that it is a sport--which have winners and losers.


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