Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lollipops and cow poop and a GIVEAWAY!

I never thought I would be that mom.

And by that mom I mean the mom that doesn't want her kid eating food coloring crap. {or rather a lot of it, I'm down with some here or there, its life people.} Here's why I find it amusing that I'm now that mom....

I'm pretty sure my kids have eaten cow poop.

Yup I'd put money on it. {And in case your wondering we live on a farm, not on base.}

My kids have probably, in their three years of living here, eaten cow poop but I try my darnedest to avoid food coloring. That may seem odd but hey, cow poop is all natural, that's more then I can say about food coloring.

Dash-1 has severe food allergies and like most kids with severe food allergies he's also a tad food sensitive. Give him too much food coloring and the kid runs around like a crazy man. I. Mean. Crazy.

Especially delightful when grocery shopping at the commissary on payday, while running the retiree gauntlet.

But I didn't want to be that mom. Now this "that mom" is the mom who makes her kid eat weird crunchy health food crap that makes all the other kids at snack time wrinkle their noses and dread the day that he brings in cupcakes for the class. No. No I did not want to be that mom.

{No offense if you are that mom, nothing personal, but my kids don't want to eat your cupcake and well, quite frankly neither do I.}

So what do I feed them?

Well they do eat stuff with food coloring I just have to take into account how much and what time of year it is {seasonal allergies can flare food sensitivities, see you all are learning something from this} but I have been trying lately to swap alternative foods in and yucky ones out.

So I wanted to share a good food find with you all, especially you ABW if your reading this, these are Organic lollipops by Yummy Earth. I know I know organic lollipops, my kids love the organic gummy bears too, I used to scoff at organic foods {"those pesticides will make them stronger!"} but these are worth it.

They have NO FOOD COLORING, they are GLUTEN FREE, made in PEANUT FREE and TREE NUT facilities, no corn syrups and are USDA certified organic.

Any they taste like candy. Real candy, not wheat germ.

Impressive no?

I was hoping I could send a sweet email to the yummy earth people and get a giveaway but, sigh, no go {but they did say thanks for the kind words} BUT my sweet mother sent up a box of yummies for the boys and guess what's in it for one lucky reader?

One of the dash brothers who will fit in the box! No I'm kidding.

I'd have to buy a bigger box and postage would be a bitch.

Anywho I'm giving away 2 bags of 15 lollipops! {30 total for you slow ones}

I know I know its not a sony reader or a dash brother but come on, those of you with kids, or if your a teacher, or shoot if you just like candy, will love these things. Really, my kids can't get enough of them.

So if you want some yummies
- leave a comment {for one entry}
- follow {for another}
- blog about it {for one more}
- twit it {for yet another}

The giveaway will be open for a week till Tuesday January 26!

And again... don't forget about the Valentine's Day swap sign up!


  1. I'm always reading! I haven't tried those, but I might have to go get some tomorrow while the three little hearts are off at their respective schools.

    That is unless I win. :)

  2. My daughter loves lollipops, but then again what 4 year old doesn't? :D I absolutely love organic foods, especially candies, they taste better to me and nobody else can taste the difference when I share (which is very rare!).

  3. Very cool find. I have one princess who would live on candy, and yet the younger one doesnt even like chocolate (they say shes mine, I am not so sure...) Its good to know that there are some alternatives to the traditional dum dums. Nice call!

  4. I don't want a Sony reader...but I would love to try those lollie pops.

    Also, don't you love it when someone says, "um dash-1,2,3 is eating blank" Thanks I know, blank won't kill them.

  5. I am a new follower, and these look amazing! My two girls can never tell the difference when I give them organic! :)

  6. Oh my son is Gluten free! What a wonderful find!

  7. they look delicious... and good for you. i try not to buy a bunch of bad food either. Dye's are very hard on the wee ones in our house (although not too wee, almost 11 year old twins and a 9 year old)
    They'd love to try these... ummmm so would I!

  8. I'm pretty sure I already told you about my older sis (Dr. Sis#3) and her food sensitivities. If she eats food coloring, especially Red 40, all hell breaks loose. I love the whole organic food movement just for things like these lollipops. "cause I'm with you -- sometimes kids just need kid treats, like candy. :)

    But, don't enter me for the giveaway because I'm sure that a piece of candy is not paleo-friendly. I will stick with my fruits. :)

  9. It's okay to be that mom. Just use lots of butter in the cupcakes. Butter is natural.

    If I win I'll eat them all myself. Muhhahaha.

  10. jax LOVES those lollipops! sign me up please!

    *and i'm a follower, adn would consider drinking the kool-aid!

  11. Those look cool and my boys would love them!!!

    I am already following your blog and am about to Tweet about it :)

  12. Will you please email me! Landon has severe food allergies to eggs and peanuts. We know he has more, but his oh so smart allergists think they are smarter than me and will not do the full blown allergy tests on him. He has severe eczema too!! My mom mention food coloring could be a possibility. I need help from a mom who is going through these wonderful food allergies. Ok, not so wonderful! Thanks!

  13. I think I am the mom who bakes the nasty cupcakes. I made your parents cookies and thought I was being nice making them with less sugar and substituting yogurt for half the butter, but Rob tells me while holding up one of my cookies like it a dirty diaper "next time Allison, just make some real cookies." Well exccuuusssseeee me. (Your mom did say they were good though and Rob said he was just kidding once I stopped yelling at him.)

  14. I love candy! And I'm a teacher! And I'm a follower! I love this giveaway! So perfect!

  15. I work in a library and these would be perfect for my "prize bin"! I really want to try the pomegranate flavor!

  16. I remember when Kate used to give these to the kiddos on Jon and Kate Plus 8!

  17. Haha, I would think I'm "that mom", but I'm more of a whole foods kind of person. As in, if it's manufactured or I can't pronounce what's in it or figure out what exactly it is, it doesn't come home with us (with a few lapses here and there). Quite frankly, I do this partly because it's better for us, but also because food tastes so much better! We use butter, whole milk, and plenty of organic veggies.

    Although, finding organic is pretty much a no-go living here in the boonies, so I'm more than happy to enter this giveaway. My boys are a little candy-deprived now that our only choices are on a shelf about the size of your average checkout display. There's nothing organic there, that's for sure!

    Oh, and of course I still follow you!


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