Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I wonder about Weds

So in honor of it being Wednesday I thought, hmmm what funny thing could I blog about. I figured it's hump day but well, best not to go there, or I could think up a W word.

The w word won out. {This is a family blog after all.}

Without further ado....Things I WONDER about Wednesday. It has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

*I wonder sometimes {ha sometimes?!} about Tric@re.

I received the authorization for dash-3's consult with a surgeon {he's having some swelling in his nether regions that might be a hernia} Tric*are assigned him a general surgeon. When I called to explain that the dr's office told me that they don't see anyone under 16 tric*re seemed surprised that he was a baby.

Never mind the fact that I had to say his birthdate to them three times during the conversation to verify info and that his birthdate appears not once, but twice on the submitted form.

I wonder about them...

*I wonder about those smart cars. Damn those things are tiny. Not to mention for the size expensive {apparently around 20k}. Nothing slightly larger then a roller skate should cost that much.

And what's it matter if you use less gas if you have to make three trips to the grocery store to bring home your stuff?

* I don't get boys and their obsession with farting. Or for that matter grown men.

Why do they think it's funny? Or appropriate to do in public? I would die if I smelled like that in a store or work... not laugh.

Really don't get that one.

*I don't get mullets. I mean its versitle, I'll give you that, business in the front, party in the back. Smart I suppose, you're prepared for whatever comes your way.

I just wonder about them since we've moved well beyond 1989.

*I don't get uniform purses. Just don't get 'em. And trust me no matter how many list I do this one will always show up.

But I will always say, as with anything on this list, I'm not trying to change any minds, I'm just stating my own opinion. So if you want to drive around with a mullet, in your smart car, farting and laughing, while carrying your uniform purse... GO FORTH!

I just wonder about them. That's all.

And not to worry, I'm sure I'll have a whole new list by next Wednesday.

What do you wonder about? Either leave a comment or shoot do your own post and leave a link in the comments. {I'm too lazy to get a mr. linky}


  1. Hahaha this made me laugh pretty hard... especially when I pictured one person doing everything you listed. Thank you!

  2. I hate Tri*care too!! And they do the same thing to me all the time! They refer CJ to a gastoenterologist that doesn't do Peds, and then get annoyed when I go in and they have to redo all of the paperwork!

  3. Re: Tr|c@re*... What, did they think he emerged from the womb a full-grown man on the birthdate they confirmed several times? I guess it just goes to show that ears can be open and brains totally disengaged.

    * I assume you're trying to defeat searchbots and not just make the name look like a masked cussword, as appropriate as that might be.

  4. i wonder about much of the same.
    and i'll overstep teh trica@re and move onto some of the med techs that work in the peds clinic here (and i feel it's okay to say this b/c my hubs is a med tech and he said it first)...
    we adopted our son. i am white. he is black / mexican. hubs is white. so why on God's green earth did they ask me during his first 6 months of peds appointment is i was expereiencing any post-partum depression or any trouble nursing or if he had a difficult birth and did i make sure to do all of MY pre-natal appointments asnd did i take prenatal vitamins? i had to bite my tongue numerous times when i really wanted to say "Why don't you do out to Vegas, somehwere around Harmon St and look for the cracked out black lady sitting at a random bar turning tricks for drugs if she made sure to go to all of her prenatal appointments and what ever other crap you want to know"

    okay... off my high horse now!

  5. Ha Ha said fart.

    You also said "business in the in the back"...I love that line....makes me laugh EVERYTIME!

  6. I am Still my own immaturity. :)

  7. Great list! I wonder about Tri*care all the time too! Especially because if they are puzzled by something they just blame it on a "virus that is going around."
    We also wonder about the smart cars especially since we live in Texas and well it just doesn't make much sense. Plus, you know you'd be squished like a bug in any accident major OR minor.

  8. Definitely stole your idea...
    mine was a little more cynical I think than fun lol... might edit in a bit to make it more fun.
    Love the idea!
    Tric@re kills me too... and the farting gets worse as men get older I believe.

  9. Ha ha ha on the farty boys/men. I SO wonder that too.

    And do NOT get me started about Whycare...that is what they SHOULD be called. Just dealing with them makes my head hurt.

    Smart Cars are cute...but they are not designed for someone who is going to go shopping and require three trips. They're a good "single" car. And it's more than likely that you'll REMAIN single if you drive it...I mean, who wants to date a guy (or chick) who drives that "make out" space, lol!

  10. LOL to commenters: Smart cars w/o space to makeout. Hehe. I got to admit, I wouldn't have dated my hubby if he'd driven a smart car...

    My condolences with the insurance. Bleck. They flat out denied Joshua because of his condition - no matter how I tried to fight it. Insurance also denied my GF's 3yo diabetic/celiac son because he had a "preexisting condition" (his diabetes were not yet diagnosed, he peed excessively for about 2 weeks, but no diagnosis - so no payout for him EVER).

    But as for things I wonder about... I'm not safe blogging about it, as too many people I know personally read the blog now (I'm seriously considering starting a rant and rave blog...)

    ... I wonder why it takes so much work to move! We were told 'You an have the 2 bedroom basement apartment.' I wasn't thrilled, but it was the best option all things considered. Then we're told by someone else that they don't really want us in there - with our best interests at heart - but they told me that 5m after I told the current landlord I'll be cleaned up and out by Sunday at 1130am, just 7 days after that.

    Then suddenly we aren't sure we can move. Where we can move. When we can move. If there's even a phone line we can transfer to. And then I find out there's no oven. O sure, there's a two burner/toaster oven. I'm sure I can roast the turkey in that... but I can handle the share kitchen ... maybe.

    I wonder, does everyone else around me think I can wait until they have made up their minds before allowing me the "privilege" of knowing when and where I can live. I think we're moving today.

    I think... Um... Maybe? ARGH!

  11. tric@re assigned both me and my son to a geriatric doctor for our pcm! my son is a year old and i am 22 haha

    and what do you mean uniform purses? like the bags made out of the acu's? i wanted to get my son a diaper bag made like that. and i use one of my husbands old ruck sacks as a backpack at school.

  12. Love this :)

    I'm with you on the smart car bit.

  13. Judah has/had (it seems to have disappeared) a hernia in "the nether regions." Tricare approved surgery on it for us... but as it seems to have resolved itself we haven't done anything. We ought to have it checked out again though...

    You are hilarious! (per usual.)


  14. Ah yeah I see your point about the purses... Mike had sent me one of his old uniform sets from Afghanistan for me to give to Maks though. I wasnt sure what I would do with these incredibly torn up things for my one year old so I thought that a bag would be cute for him. I never did anything with them except that they are hanging on a hook in his room. I just didnt get around to taking the time to doing it lol

    I dont really have a problem respect wise about the uniforms, I dunno... we just arent all "army pride" and all gun-ho about being in the military. We like the military and we are proud to serve, but when we are done we are done. Not that we are anti-patriotic, hardly! Fourth of July is my favorite holiday haha, I think its just because we have had really bad experiences with Mikes units. Really poor leadership and some real idiots in his units that have ruined our experience.

  15. Oh the purses. Gag. I hate those stupid things!!!

    This post absolutely made me die laughing!

  16. Oh the purses. Gag. I hate those stupid things!!!

    This post absolutely made me die laughing!

  17. This was hilarious. :) I used your idea on my blog, and I even mentioned your blog was where I got the idea from.

  18. I hate tricare too (except when they send me $5,000 dollars worth of drugs for $9.00, then they are ok!)

    Also, left you an award on my blog!

  19. Thank you :) take a look that emo boy hair over this blog:

  20. I wonder about whether humanity really is getting stupider - or maybe just more risk tolerant - because there's so much we don't have to take responsibility for these days.

    And I, too, wonder about smart cars - how smart is it to take on a mack truck when you're in a tiny fibreglass shell?

    I also wonder if I'm insane, but then I realise I am.

  21. I don't get boys/farting or uniform purses, either.

  22. I've been wanting to blog about this, but I wonder about adults who display stuffed animals in their cars. I don't mean that your kid left a toy in the backseat of your car, I'm talking about the people who have their full blown beenie baby collection displayed.

    As I type this, I keeping my fingers crossed that you don't have your valentines/ stuffed animals won at the fair in your back window!

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