Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh the sweet life according to Oprah

Damn the responsibilities of motherhood.

I had a post brewing in my head this afternoon and now after dinner, bath time, watching flyboy pelt the boys with a nerf gun, bedtime routine, nursing, you know the normal stuff, I got nothing..... just crickets chirping.

Now most mindless post I can just spit those out right quick, this one was actually a bit more involved it would have been a departure from my usual rambling about nothing an anything and was going to teeter on the edge of political talk.

WHAT?! {Or as dash-1 used to say "ooooh snap!"} I'm sure you all are thinking the mrs. might actually tackle something outside of potty training or baby stories!

{sidenote- I'd get him back to saying that, if only I didn't know that, as a mom, it's mildly irresponsible of me. Come on a blonde hair blue eyed four year old coming out with that is hilarious.}

Anyways, I was watching Oprah for a few minutes today while I was nursing the little one and it was on the happiest places in the world, I only caught some of Denmark and some of Dubai.

I usually avoid Oprah because I feel about her the way the left feels about Rush. She strikes me as one of those uber rich hollywood libs who likes to lecture but doesn't so much follow her own advice. Hey I don't fault her for having a crap ton of money, she's earned every darn penny {and yes yes I know she gives away money to charity and what not but then again so do right minded people like Rush and Glenn but that doesn't stop the left from hating them} I just dont want to hear her pimp her luxury sheets or lecture me on global warming.

So back to her show. I thought it was going to be interesting to see how the rest of the world lives. Despite my husband who has traveled everywhere, I've pretty much just been up and down the coastline and well, it ain't Dubai.

But of course, it had a slant. {Which hey, if you like that great, I listen to Rush and many say that's slanted, to each their own.} When she was discussing Denmark the love fest for government welfare started.

And never ended.

Oh how wonderful to live in a place like Denmark. Free education! Free health care! A year paid maternity leave! Parents leave their sleeping babies outside unattended its that safe!
I'm pretty sure that in some of the video clips I saw that the streets were paved with gumdrops.

Hey Oprah... I got some news for you. Granted I can't speak for everyone but as a member of the working class, I don't want the government to provide everything for me. And in case there are those out there who are going to say "ah but the government does provide everything for you". Why yes, yes they do. As a benefit for my husband being ready and willing to lay down his life for this country.

Blowhards included, which I think is quite nice of him.

She kept going on and on about how here Americans are all afraid of being without a paycheck or without a job, but in Denmark the govt will take care of you, they have no fear. Well, last I checked we do have a safety net of unemployment which can now be collected for almost 2 years. And while unemployment has its limitations and isn't the perfect substitute for a job, so is saving.

{And yes, I realize that some saftey net has to be there, there are those hardworking individuals who need help for a time being while they get on their feet. Trust me I'm not totally oblivious to this I have some experience as a social worker. Oh it was an eye opener. More on that later.}

Perhaps part of the solution should be more Americans being more self reliant and less wasteful. If you don't have your six month emergency fund set up {and that is six months of living expenses} then maybe you shouldn't have a giant ass tv hanging in your living room. Or perhaps as a society we shouldn't feel the need to drive the most loaded car, or live in a house that would fit a family twice the size of the one we have.

Why does the solution need to be more government involvement?

Why can't the solution start in our own home as a direct result of people saying, I want to be responsible for me? Isn't that what we are supposed to teach our kids... to take responsibility for their actions?

Speaking of responsibility, I'm off to potty train dash-2 because as of yet, the government hasn't come up with a plan or an agency for that.

{Any and all views and comments are welcome, even those who disagree, but they must be respectful, I don't need to hear how I'm wasting my time and not going to change anyone's mind. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I have no grand delusions about my self importance or lack thereof.}


  1. Oprah can shove it.

    After many years of my parents living in a socialist country and working for a company in that country, I can tell you anyone who is for socialism is
    1. For way high taxes
    2. Never interested in breaking free from their economic bracket
    3. Enjoys paying for everyone else

    So yes, while I am sure that Denmark is lovely and there are some nice things about living there, I am not interested in paying for other people to not have to work.

    Oh, and notice that Oprah has yet to move there.

  2. Once again I am convinced if we lived near each other we would be best friends in 2 seconds :)

  3. Haha, nice. I also am not interested in paying for other people to not have to work. I work hard for my money and so should they! :)

  4. I agree!

    Also did you see how small their houses where?!? How their kids didn't have any and every gaming box? Or that they lived in just the amount of space they needed, and that their pantry only had food to feed them for a few days?

    I think less is more. They live on less but spend more time with their family and friends. They are far a head of us!

    I have been on unemployment for almost 6 months while waiting to get into the military. I HATE it, but no one was hiring me when I told them I was shipping out to serve my country. I don't want my country paying for me, I would rather earn it!

  5. Yeah I don't feel that Skip and I should be working hard just so we can pay for people who didn't feel like saving their own money.

    My dad is from England, where they have national health care. Oh, and if you're an unwed mother you get a house. He left years ago because he was paying 90% of his paycheck to taxes! And when my grandfather got cancer at 72 they wouldn't treat him because he was over 65.awesome. Great post!!

  6. I work 60-70 hours a week. I worked my butt off for three years at law school, studied like a maniac to become licensed to practice law. I'd like to keep my hard earned paychecks instead of footing the bill for people who refuse to become gainfully employed.

    Callous, maybe. But I just gagged looking at how much the government is already taking out of my paycheck. I already tithe to my church, donate to several charities, and pay my taxes. I do my part.

    Oprah infuriates me, you are not alone :)

  7. I actually thought the same thing when I watched. "Oh, here goes the slant." When they said they were ok with the government taking most of their money I was shocked. I'm not ok with that. I'm all for helping people up but I'm not for helping people stay home on the sofa eating cheesy poofs. There is a huge difference that our country has forgotten.

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  10. Okay I have tried to post a comment three times, not sure what's up!

    I just want to say that Oprah is NOT considered a leader of the Left. I have never met a liberal (and I've met many) that considers her anything more than an entertainer. I wish I could say the same of people on the Right and Rush Limbaugh.

    I won't get into the reasons why most lefties dislike Rush and Glenn Beck because that would be a pointless conversation. I also won't get into healthcare because I think there's a lot more to it than buzzwords and phrases from the Right or Left.

    I respect your beliefs, as always, and I know you respect mine :)

  11. I absolutely love reading your blog. I can be in the worst mood and you make my day. :) SOme of your posts are things that I'd say myself. I do think I'll try and start the "Picture of the day" thing that you are doing, I think it's a great idea, and it'd be nice to look back at all the great things that have gone on over the years. :)


  12. preach on!
    can't stand Oprah and her high horse. More power to her, and let her foot the bill for all of the government freebies rather than taking my hard earned money. do you ever wonder where people would choose to put there money if they were allowed to delegate where their taxes went? would all of the people pro health plan and such actually choose to put their money into those programs?
    ugh. i wish entertainers would keep their political views and motives private... talk about it in your own time, don't try sway the public with your opinions as fact.

  13. I think you hit it right on! I can't agree with you more!

  14. This is completely off topic..but I saw some lady on the Today Show that wrote a whole book on how she lived by Oprahs advice every day for a year.
    What a sham.

    I hate the Today Show.
    Why am I always watching it??

  15. I personally like the way the Danish people live. They live simply, are VERY family oriented, and are not into materialism. Those are not things that we as Americans are up for, our society has become way to me, me, me and bigger is better.

    HOWEVER, no American would ever be willing to pay those types of taxes in order to have those benefits. I'm not saying the Danish government is one big utopia, but some of their benefits aren't all that bad.


    Can I just tell you that when I was home for two weeks I thought I might actually vomit if I heard about another European country or EU program being discussed as if it was Utopia.

    "Free" Healthcare= 40% tax on wages here in Germany, 60% in "amazing" places like Sweden. That means you get 4 dollars out of every ten you make. And gas costs about 7/gallon. Good luck.

    "Family Oriented"= Shops close at 4, and for a 2 hour lunch. This includes your pharmacy. Shops are only open until 1 on Saturday and not at all on Sunday. I'm sure you will just love this "family" environment when your little one is sick and you have nowhere to get any supplies until the next day. Try going anywhere when you also work full time. Yeah, good luck.

    "Retirement" = A nursing home. A government run nursing home. Mmmm. Not for me.

    "Government programs" = A nation full of people in capable of dealing with any troubling issues, and unable to recover when the government finds itself in a financial bind.

    "Free education" = Education for those seen fit. In Europe, students are still tracked based on ability. If your child has special needs, or even if they are smart but stubborn, they will be labeled as unable to learn. They are labeled and placed on a track for those only capable of menial jobs. Starting in ELEMENTARY school. You really think the government pays for EQUAL education for all? HA!

    Oh gosh. I need to stop. You know I obviously agree with you. People who don't should take it from me, it's now all it's cracked up to be.

  17. all I can say is, well said!

    and best of luck in the potty training!

  18. All I can say is...preach, sister, preach! Go girl! (and I don't mean Oprah:)

  19. Heck yes. And yes, I met many liberals in college - both professors and students - who thought Oprah was the second coming, let's watch her religiously.

    Anytime someone like Oprah or Michael Moore or James Cameron or Oliver Stone - mega-millionaires - whine about the American system, all I can think of is "biting the hand that feeds you."

  20. I saw that show yesterday. As part of the liberal left I do think she was laying in on a bit thick.

    I also think that a lot of our current recession IS people looking to their own homes and attempting to reign in spending so that we are wasting money on less and saving more.

    But that is just my thoughts.

  21. OMG...yes! Exactly! There is no personal responsibility anymore. Blame the President, the economy...blame anything but yourself, but still go out and max those credit cards out so your neighbors don't know you can't afford what they pretend they can.

  22. I'd prefer to earn everything myself, too, thanks. Everything always looks better from the outside, anyway. I'm sure if you asked the people of Denmark how they feel about their country, they'd have gripes just like everyone else.


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