Tuesday, January 5, 2010

so about the strip clubs

So about the strip clubs.

It seems like there are a lot of them around here. Probably not any more then anywhere else {although maybe the bible belt, they might have less, wait, scratch that its always the people you least expect} but for some reason I just seem to notice them more.

{side note - I really only remember one strip club around where I grew up. It was about 30 min north of my parents house but we would pass it on our way to the beltway as we would drive to my parents. It was called the Hang@r club.

I'm going to sound like an idiot here but I used to think hanger like clothes hanger.

Until about a year ago when I visited the giant Air Force base to go to the commissary while I was home and passed the strip club. Get it... hangar.... air base....

Yeah I really am that slow.}

Anywho. So strip clubs. I've noticed something.... damn those strippers drive some nice cars. Really nice cars.

Really really nice cars.

Clearly stripping pays. {Or at least around here.}

And that was pretty much all I had to say on that.

Not that I'm thinking about picking it up or anything, I'm pretty sure I've permanently misplaced my stripper body. {Not that I ever really had one.} And I don't think I'm coordinated enough to master the pole without looking like a floundering fish or some strange dying animal.

Flyboy was wondering where I was going with this whole stripper thing after reading my picture post. When I jokingly asked if he'd be cool with me stripping, the answer was no in case you were wondering, but not before he asked if that meant I would get a stripper body.

I told him that I was going to have to put that comment on here and that you all surely would take him to task for it. {so feel free, he's fair game after that one}

I've never been in a strip club and, while I realize you should never say never, I'm pretty sure I can't think of the reason for me to ever be in one. EVER. So I'll just be observing the cars from the outside as I drive by.

Oh and fyi, while I personally don't have any desire to have a stripping career I'm not taking some moral stance. Yet. Again, never say never.


  1. I have been to a strip club once {I live right by the one that was in the Sopranos and we took a friend of mine there} It's weird because you don't know where to look! The girls at this one don't get totally naked which was good for me, but I definitely don't feel a need to ever go back to one!

  2. When I was a teenager, the local bar/hotel was also the strip club, and sometimes we would stop in to use the washroom (small towns ....) and the girls would be in there changing. They were always very nice, polite, well spoken girls, and very nice to us.
    Also, if you want the stripper body? I took a pole dancing class as part of a staggette, and MAN, is it hard work! Ain't nothin' sexy about it when you are trying to do it! It is one serious work out!

  3. I read the biography "Candy Girl" and it was very informative about the life (and profitability) of strippers. Also, I put that question to Paul (how'd you feel if I became a stripper) and he basically said that would rock if I could rake in tons of dough.

    My face, I'm sure, was priceless. Also, having seen a few strippers in ihop after stripping hours I can say in all confidence that without a doubt you already have a stripper body. Probably better than a lot of strippers.

  4. LOL...Hang@r Club! I live dangerously close, or rather, in the Bible Belt and we have strip clubs, but of the tackiest kind! I did go in one once with friends near the Air Station and the girls there can't go topless and wear pantyhose under their bottoms.... very strange looking with different color legs than their upper torso, heeheehee. Stripping may pay, but probably not for long from the looks of some of them!

  5. I'm from Vegas and I remember the first day of freshman year of high school I met some seniors and a couple of them worked at the strip club right down the street. And one of the 'gentlemen's clubs' back home is called The Library.

  6. OMG, are you from Missouri? Ok, I am from the Bible Belt. And we were stationed overseas and then Utah (home of the Mormons). Every time we head out of town, I always make a comment about how many strip clubs there are. I feel like I am on The Sopranos.

  7. Hahaha! I have been to a strip club once and it was... interesting. The funniest thing was that they were all sitting bare-assed on the floor in the bathroom. Right before/after they shake their butts in peoples faces. HAHAH. Maybe it's their way of sticking it to the man?

  8. Okay - 2 things. 1: I had a friend who got into stripping (did I jsut lose cool points? in all fairness, we had lost touch for quite some time before this happened... and since, oddly enough) and she made BANK!! Homegirls make some SERIOUS cash flounting around what the good Lord, and hours upon hours on a metal pole has given them. Like... If I was that hott, I could work about 1 night a week and make plenty to support myself and have about as much as my 40 hour per week job. Life's not fair...

    2: Don't judge me, but I've taken pole classes. In our area we have this place called Xpose fitness and it's a blast! Mainly, the only way you burn calories is from laughing at yourself and the others looking like, as you said it, floundering fish on a pole. It's hysterical. ESPECIALLY when you're in a class with someone who thinks they're hott-to-trott, but in realisty have less rhythm than a space monkey. Oh. My. Word. You will not be disappointed if you go to one of these classes. Pure hilariosity!! (did I just make that word up? I like it.)

    Anywho - that's it. but don't judge me... after taking a class or two, I've done absolutely nothing with it, much to my husband's previously hopeful chagrin.

  9. PS: Before I met my husband, he admits to having visited a strip club near tech school (I'm sensing a theme, here...) and said he fell asleep in the back. Of what little he remembers, he says one girl looked pregnant, and he's pretty sure the other was her mom.

    I think that says enough right there. So can you please, someone, tell me why they're caled "gentlemens' clubs"???

  10. I live in the bible belt... and my mom made a comment when she was here that there was a lot of places for 'men to get distracted' in our town. I guess I just don't pay much attention! :)

    The guy I used to date (also AF) would go to strip clubs for bachlor parties (lots of our friends got married in the two years we were together) and he said that he saw a guy come in with a baby, and one of the dancers got off stage, went and fed the baby in a booth, handed it back to the guy and got back up on stage! I know that higher end clubs (the ones that cost more) have better girls. There is one here that is in a metal building... and aparently you don't want to go in there without being current on your shots! Those are the ones that they let any old farm girl get up there...

  11. I went to a strip club once... shortly after I turned 18. I didn't smoke, I didn't play the lottery, so a couple of my friends who were going to turn 18 in the summer dared me to go with them in July after they turned 18. I saw something that burned my eyes forever, but still makes me giggle from time to time. I am not going to post it on here because I fear a backlash, but let's just say it was something I never thought I'd see in a million years!

    As I was typing this up, Scott said "I haven't even been to a strip club... maybe we should go together." Um... no thanks! :)

  12. We have several around here.

    And if he wants you to have a stripper body, he'd better be willing to have a male stripper body after having three whole watermelons fill his and stretch his belly for nine months and then come out his... you know. =P

  13. The names of some strip clubs confuse me, too. Like, there used to be one the next town over called "Daphne's Steakhouse". Clearly, I thought it was a steakhouse...not so much.

  14. One of the guys my husband works with is married to a woman who "dances" at this place called "Sug@rs" where we live. He is incredibly proud of that and makes a point to tell anyone listening. I told my husband that, that was just a little odd...but that's just me.

    It is amazing the nice vehicles you see outside those run down looking buildings though.

  15. Ummmm.....we went to a military ball a few years back, and if it wasn't for the strippers, the half the guys wouldn't have dates. The 1st Sgt asked my husband if the strip clubs had to close down for the night, lol.

    I've never been. Gunner has been. I really don't have any desire, because I would much rather sleep if I had free time....or Abbie proof my house.

  16. I had a friend a long time ago that was a stripper. She made good money, the place she worked at also served lunch and she would waitress then as well. When you saw her, you wouldn't think that's what she does, but there are others that you can definitely tell they are strippers.

  17. I think they prefer Exotic Dancer.

    But I too am always shocked how many strip clubs there are in the Bible Belt. Granted anytime I have been in the Bible Belt, it is always near a military base...so that might have something to do with it.

  18. When I lived up there, there were about 5 strip clubs on 300 between the airport/old AFB and Five Corners...maybe more. I remember seeing a sign for "strippers wanted - guaranteed $1000 weekends". Seriously. They DO make a lot of money.

    I think I might even have considered it...except I don't think anyone wanted to see my nekkid body at that point in my life!

  19. I read the book Strip City by the woman who also wrote I Love A Man in Uniform and she talks about the HUGE amounts of money she made as a stripper.


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