Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 5 pic

Dash-3 has his four month appointment today {yes I know four months already!?} He is healthy, wealthy, and wise.

{well he is only four months old so the wealthy and wise part haven't really kicked in yet}

He is 25 1/2 inches long {just over the 60 something percentile} and 13 lbs 6 oz {18th percentile} for weight. He is fitting his 3 month clothes well and while his 3-6mth stuff is still a little big, he's cute in it none the less. He's sleeping well at night, not quite straight thru but I'll take it.

I haven't a clue where the past four months have gone but I've enjoyed the ride none the less.

I'm liking this photo every day thing, I like taking a minute to make a note of whats happened, after all look how past just the four months have gone by. No doubt 2010 will fly by just as fast. And not to worry I have a real post in the works. Its about strip clubs. Your on the edge of your seats aren't ya?


  1. Petite and perfect!

    I used to live half a mile from a trio of strip clubs. Hooray for moving!!

  2. He he... your son is about as big at 4 months as my brother was when he was born. My brother was 23 inches long and 11lbs 3 3/4 oz when he was born.

    Actually, come to think of it, Dash-3 is as big as my grandfather was when he was born. He was a 13 pounder in 1909!

    I am liking this one picture a day, too. I love seeing how other MilSpouse live.


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