Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6 pic and QUITE THE FIND!

My mom has a thing about English candy, more specifically their chocolate. Apparently there is some difference between English and American chocolate taste wise. Beats me. I think her and my sister are kinda weird on this. But then again I prefer coca cola to pespsi.

My point is... we all have preferences.

Anywho every holiday that involves candy {which in my house is quite a few} she always orders a crap ton of English candy for us.

I don't really get it to be honest. It cost her an arm and a leg and quite frankly I'm cool with a $2.39 bag of peppermint patties, but my brother and sister like it so I guess I'm along for the ride.


This baby came along.This is my picture for today. Yes I'm aware its a candy bar and the fact that I've not only put a picture up of it and now am devoting a whole post to it probably makes me a fat fat fatty fat as the wise Glenn Beck would say.

But. Its quite wonderful.

Its a candy bar version of a cadbury egg. Chocolate on the outside yummy cadbury creme on the center. Have you ever heard of such a thing and why don't we have them here?!

{Is this our punishment for the whole revolution thing back in the day? If so lets try to work things out jolly ol' brits, no reason to be bitter.}

So here's my Jan 6 pic of the day.... right before I ate it.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That sounds so incredibly yummy. And so NOT what I need to see when I'm trying to be good with me eating. LOL. Good thing I can't get any around here!

  2. OOOOO!!! I want one!!! I love cadbury eggs (they are already in stores here and have been since at least Dec 31!!). Looks and sounds delish!

  3. Knowing your love of the Cadbury egg, I am not surprised you devote an entire post to this. :-D

  4. I have to agree with your Mom about the whole taste between British/European chocolate and American chocolate. I personally think their stuff tastes a lot creamier.
    That Twisted bar looks delish!

  5. Oh my goodness, the English stuff is so much better! Eventhough they have Cadbury in the States, I swear English Cadbury is way better! One of my favorites is Roses, it's a box of individualy wrapped chocolates, and I'm obsessed! They only come out at Christmas, so every year I had my parents buy up boxes of them!

    Interestingly enough, I think the coke in England tastes different than American coke. I like the American coke better. However, the mainland European coke in a can tastes much better than English coke.

  6. Oh, and do you live by a World Market? They usually have a pretty decent selection of English Cadbury, although I have found some (Flake Bars) at our Commissary.

  7. I'm with loquita... I am well aware of your love of Cadbury eggs, so this didn't surprise me at all! :) It sounds like a heavenly piece of candy and I'm glad they don't sell them here! :)

  8. I was so excited to see the Cadbury eggs at the store the other day. Ymmmmm. I had no idea a bar version existed. *trouble*

    You know I was surprised, the Norwegians have some darn good chocolate too. I had no idea there would be such differences in taste from country to country.

  9. There are Canadian Cadbury chocolates that I prefer to American, too.

    And goodness gracious but I crave German chocolates...any and all kinds.

    You may have something though...didn't Kraft just perform a hostile takeover of Cadbury? You may just end up seeing some of those English chocolates here...though, of course, they'll be "Americanized" and lose all their goodness.

    I think it's the preservatives we put in our stuff that changes the taste.

  10. never seen them but I would LOVE to try it! Looks yummy... I love the eggs that come out at Easter!

  11. Ooooohhhh my goodness!! I need to see if I can procure these on the internet. I love me some cadbury eggs!


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