Friday, January 15, 2010


Thanks for all the comments on the epi pen situation.

Flyboy and I are great believers in consequences for one's actions, after all every action has a reaction right? However its hard sometimes to admit that what seems like it might be the right thing to do might not really do much for the problem. Or rather what seems fair might not really do anything to really address the problem.

I really have to give hats off to my husband with all this, I'm quite thankful that he was here for this he really took the lead and ran with it. The other day after work he met with the boy {who is sixteen for those of you who were curious} and talked with him for over an hour.

First to call a spade a spade, he's a scumbag for stealing my kid's epi pen, I haven't really changed my opinion on that one. But we have decided that getting the police involved probably wouldn't do much. Now if we could call the cops on his parents, we would, for they seem utterly clueless.

Case in point, his father said something to flyboy about "boys being boys" yeah I buy that logic when you are talking about rough housing or breaking a window with a football, not theft of drugs. So see what I mean about calling the cops on them?

His parent's cluelessness doesn't absolve him of his poor choices, but it does explain how and why this kid isn't getting more guidance, especially when it seems like that's what he needs.

I'm sure there are those out there who think that makes all the more reasons to have called the cops but after much thinking and MUCH discussion we both agreed that face time with the cops over this wasn't what he needed. He's already somewhat in the system and throwing him in there more so didn't seem to be the right call.

I'd like to think that flyboy was able to get thru with him some, maybe he needed to see that someone out there cared, someone out there wants him to get his act together.

In the end, it just didn't seem like the cops would be the right answer. Going for blood only gets you so far.

I'm frustrated with his parents. Parents aren't supposed to keep you from making every stupid mistake in the book but they should be smart enough to keep you from getting yourself into some situations. Case in point, if you've just been released from a six week hosiptal stay for od-ing then perhaps they shouldn't leave you alone for the weekend while they go to another state. I'm just saying.

So that's where we are with this. I hope he gets the help he needs. His parents are looking at a residential program for him and after dealing with them... well.... that would be my vote.


  1. Kinda reminds me of my favorite line from the movie Parenthood..."you need a license to drive a car, you need a license to get married....heck, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they will let any *&^^& a$$**& be a parent"

    I'm sure after an hour with flyboy, he has an inkling of the gravity of the situation....sad, but I almost think it's too late for him.

    If they don't get a clue, I see much heartache for these folks.

  2. It sounds like you guys handled the situation extremely well. Hopefully this kid gets the help he needs and you guys can feel comfortable with Dash-1 at the school again.

    And I'll say it again, just because you've got a kid doesn't mean you're a "parent".

  3. Good for you following what you think is the best choice . . . sadly a lot of kids just want some attention and well the parents probably missed the boat . . . very sad indeed. I hope he gets the help he needs and his act together! SO makes me want my boy to stay 6 forever!

  4. wait. HES SIXTEEN?!?! and they "wouldn't get him out of bed"?!?!?


    i do think you guys handled it well and hopefully something turns this kid around before things get too bad.

  5. It sounds like you picked the the best way to handle the situation. Only the persons involved know the full story and can make the right decisions. I'm glad flyboy managed to see him and talk to him for a while. Obviously someone needed to and it didn't seem like the parents were going to be the ones. I hope you can regain some peace of mind now!

  6. Good gracious! I'm behind on blog reading and just seeing this. I'd be angry about it too. Dylan, thankfully, does not have an epi-pen, but I do so I understand the immediate need. Nothing is more important than our kids' safety. I'm so glad that Dash-1 didn't have a reaction while his epi-pens were missing. And, I am impressed with how you & Flyboy handled the situation. I think I'd be beating that kid over the head. Anyhow.... :D ...I hope his parents shape up and get him the help he desperately needs before his life really spirals out of control. Your boys are lucky they have parents who care and act on it.

  7. Oh my word... and to be honest? As a pastor's kid myself, this pisses me off to NO end. This is the kind of thing that gave us a bad rep growing up!! Parents making excuses and not taking responsibility for their kids.


  8. I'm glad you guys were able to find the best way to handle this horrible situation.
    At least flyboy was FINALLY able to speak with the teen, and maybe, JUST MAYBE something he said got through to this kid. I hope he gets the right help, because clearly his parents keep denying the entire situation.


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