Sunday, January 31, 2010

What does airtran mean to you?

My parent's came into town tonight so that they are here to watch the two dash boys while flyboy and I are down at the hospital all day tomorrow with dash-3 and his nards.

{See below post for the full nard update in case you're wondering why I'm talking about nards}

So anyways, my mother and I are sitting on the couch just relaxing. {I should go pack some stuff up for tomorrow but that would require getting off the couch and well that's neither here nor there} She just recently upgraded her phone, for years she had the el cheapo free phone. But now... now big mama has arrived!

I thought I was cool with my crackberry but she's even cooler cause she has the new google droid thingy madoobers.

I'm sure you are all wondering why I'm wasting your time with this ramble. Trust me, its worth it for the punch line. Oh it's worth it.

She's showing off some trick my brother showed her {way to go brother, this was a great party trick} apparently you can tell the phone what page to google.

So she starts yelling at the phone "trying our best" nope... google keeps hearing only trying. So the old gal tries again. "TRYING OUR BEST!" Still just trying.

"Hmmm it worked with airtran." So then she tries again, cause around here we try our best

{I've always wanted to work that in but I never imagined it like this.}


And then google brings it up.


Yes my mother was proudly trying to show off her phones mad skills and instead all she did was show me that she can get the google page for p@nis.

She's amazing blog fodder. For this I love her.

And thank you all so much for all the prayers and well wishes, they are all very very much appreciated. You'll be the first to know how the nard surgery goes. Well ok maybe the second or third.


  1. LMAO... oh, stuff like that with moms is priceless.

    Reminds me of my mom's first ventures onto the internet and trying to find the local dealer for Ho*ker furniture.

  2. Oh my word! That's something that would happen to me :)

  3. I bet you got a great laugh out of that one!
    And many happy thoughts for tomorrow.

  4. Love it! Mom's are generally good blog fodder. :)

    Sorry I've been so out of the loop, haven't been looking at Google Reader much, and just read your post about Dash-3. Will be saying many prayers for you guys tomorrow. *hugs*

  5. LOL, that's amazing.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your little guy on Monday (which it already is in my time zone, but I am flexible ;) )

  6. Hahaha that is too funny! Got to love moms and technology...

    Sending prayers your way this morning!

  7. That is fantastic.....a great way to start monday snorting milk out my nose....

  8. gee...and I thought that phone was intelligent!

    Oh well...

    Praying for good things on the Dash-3 front...

    I'm hoping that no nards is good nards!!! (okay, BAD nards joke!)

  9. Oh my!! This had me laughing so hard!!

  10. Thats funny.

    I'm thinking of you and dash 3 let me know how it goes tomorrow

  11. That's hilarious!

    I hope the suregery goes well today! Get well soon dash-3 :)

  12. Oh that is just priceless. Hope surgery went well today!!!

  13. What a great resource!

  14. High tech gadgets are the best...


  15. cute blog! I am a military wife as well! :)

  16. SO glad I just scolled down the page and read this story! So funny!!

    Love your blog by the way :)


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