Monday, January 25, 2010

Lets play the opposite game

I saw a pair of shoes in the mall that I really liked. I've been looking for a nice pair of slip on brown shoes for a while and nothing seems to be just right.
{I'm kinda like goldilocks when it comes to shoes}
Truth be told I hate shoes, I'd much rather be wearing sandals but sandals up here in the winter are just nonsense.
So back to the shoes. So I found these. Can't you just picture me in those bad boys?
Oh wait that's not right. These would just be down right impractical to throw on to run errands and what not now wouldn't they?
These were the shoes that I really liked.
You're wondering how the two are linked aren't you?
Yeah so am I.
The store didn't have them in my size and I've searched all over the internet to find them and {sigh} I can't find them. They don't seem to be out there, but I noticed for some reason when I searched on am@zon for them the hooker shoes were recommended for me.
Ummmm, clearly I'm not getting the common theme here. Was am@zon playing the opposite game or something? Did they have some faith that I can be in stripper shape in no time? Or are that many people who are buying brown loafers also buying clear plastic stripper shoes?
I guess even strippers need a pair of practical shoes.


  1. Just stating for the record that this post cracked me up! I needed that, thank you!

  2. The brown shoes are adoreable.
    You were looking for practical brown loafers like two summers ago!!

  3. I can feel my ankle bones snapping just looking at the first shoes.

  4. I feel like Option #1 is missing a classy touch like a live goldfish swimming around in that platform. ;-P

  5. I hate shoe shopping with utmost passion. That being said I looked around for B.O.C. Born shoes for you online. I found a ton of different styles, but not ones exactly like the one (second photo) you like =(

    The first pair are missing goldfish IMO =)

  6. Ah, shoe shopping. Yes, it is a pain. I second Trudy's comment about the platform stilettos =).

  7. i have a pair of shoes that look exactly like those! (the brown ones of course)


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